Yi-Spa Berlin | Natural Skin Food For The Luxurious Soul

Yi-Spa offers its valued guests a luxurious experience with only the most natural and healthy foods for the skin

Going natural has been all the rage internationally – whether it is all-natural make up that is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, or all-natural clothing lines made from organic materials, many people seem to be enjoying the luxury and reaping the benefits of going all natural.

Credit: Yi-Spa Berlin

For some, going natural is a lifestyle that embodies a connection with one’s wellness experience and the natural world. Yi-Spa is one of these spa experiences that champion the natural lifestyle, with its all-natural beauty treatments with an extra touch of personalised luxury in each and every step of the treatment.

True to its 2017 World Luxury Spa Award, Yi-Spa pushes the perimeters of luxury, complementing its award-winning facials and beauty treatments with an exotic Asian twist. All three of its renowned facial treatments include all-natural ingredients for each skin type: normal, dry or sensitive. Personalisation of treatments is of the utmost importance to Yi-Spa, which is why your skin care concerns and preferences are dutifully recorded before the start of your perfect pamper paradise.

For those with sensitive skins for example, black sesame and honey, which contains a treasure trove of nutrients, are combined to create the natural exfoliation experience. Following up with a nourishing banana mask which prevents wrinkles, the wellness experience promises to pamper your skin with only the most natural of ingredients such as turmeric, yoghurt and milk which protects the skin from free radicals, giving a more radiant appearance.

Credit: Yi-Spa Berlin

To really unwind from the day, try Yi-Spa‘s traditional Thai massage – it is truly a league of its own. Prior to the treatment itself, you are asked to indicate where you feel comfortable to be massaged, as well as your comfortable intensity level. The intricacy in details shows the dedication of creating a tailored treatment for each and every guest. Unlike conventional massages which uses oil, the traditional Thai massage focuses on the pressure on certain energies which corresponds with the healing effect of the massage. The gentle, rhythmic, flowing and soft movements help to replenish your energy lines, a true stress-reliever for your next well-deserved break.

Luxury is down to the little details – and Yi-Spa certainly hits the mark with its use of natural skin foods and personalised service. Yi-Spa is the choice spa to unwind this autumn, promising to take you to seventh heaven the next time you visit hedonistic Berlin.