Interview With Carole Beauvias | Art As Visual Music

For Carole, her art is a visual piece of music, a melody of color and vibration. When you ask her what her biggest accomplishments are she will tell you that besides being a mother, she celebrated being chosen a to be part of a show organized by Macaya Gallery in Miami that was sponsored by The Royal Bank, Air Canada and the Canadian consulate celebrating 375 years of Canada. In addition being selected for producing public art work “ La Vision” at The boucherville Rowing Club, Montral. Those examples just scrape the surface of what this talented artist has been part of. Born in Montreal, now residing in Los Angeles we paint her portrait with her own words.

REBORN | Collage I Acrylic | Spray Paint On Canvas | 84″ x 54″
  • When did you know you were going to be an artist and was there a single moment or experience that lead to you down this path?

In childhood music and art were my escape and my therapy. I was born with a loss of hearing; after many surgeries, I can now hear. Because of this, I believe my vision and feeling for the vibration of life is enhanced. By age sixteen, I had already two commissions, a local farmer who loved my work, the company King Grain asked me to do a drawing of their first building and I sold a couple of pieces, but it wasn’t until I finished my BFA I really announced to the world I was an artist. This was mainly due to fears that being an artist meant having to struggle without money in life. I visited for the first time Le Musée des beaux-arts in Montreal at age 18. They were having a Van Gogh show. The emotion his paintings evoked in me left me sobbing. It was a very important moment in my life. The use of colors and the vibration in his work are still unmatchable to me.

  • How do you stay inspired through the routine of daily life?

The way I live life is to play in it, to have lots of fun. Life is not life if you are just surviving it. I believe you can have it all. You simply need to create the way you want it to live it. To me, living life as a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend and an artist. It’s living life to the fullest that truly inspires me. I try to take in the simplicity of life… hiking, teachings of nature and all that transpires around me. Life gives us so much, we just need to grab it

  • There is such rich vibrancy in your work with almost an African or tribal feeling in many of your pieces, can you tell us about that?

Vibration is a language we don’t pay enough attention to. Vibration is energy that we all feel and at times; it can make us comfortable or uncomfortable. Vibration is what makes people connect. I come from a musical background. I studied piano at The Royal Conservatory of Music and McGill University, it was all about vibration and movement. Langara College in Vancouver, where I studied, embraces the native American Indian culture it too really spoke to me. Both simple and a beautiful language, the use of symbols made a profound statement to their community. Clean and simple just like how they looked at life. I love the purity of it. I look at the purity of life and yet how we complicate it. For example, if you take the symbol X, it has so many different meanings. It’s a kiss from a lover, x marks a spot or moment, it’s where you find the buried treasure or a warning to stay away. My symbols represent a flow of energy. When I paint I LISTEN TO MUSIC OR TO THE VIBRATION AROUND ME; I am painting my music of life.

CACTUS ON STOOL | Acrylic I Collage | Oil Bar On Canvas | 36″ x 36″
  • Your earlier work was much softer and now many of your paintings seem to have this forcefulness to them, can you explain?

I feel it’s because of the many changes in my life. I am more confident so the way I paint reflects that. The action and movement of my painting brush is stronger. I love being bold and ripping the fears away. I am allergic to beige and boring, I see so many living their whole life in fear instead of living it to the fullest. I want to inspire taking down their beige walls!

  • You compare your art with music, can you expand on that?

The way I approach my work is very conceptual. Each section is bars of music, every beat of life a stroke of the brush. I’m inspired by piano. The right hand, plays a different song than the left and together they make something powerful.

  • You do commissions, can you tell us about the process?

I love to get inspired by people lives, their stories and what matters to them. From their words I let myself feel their energy, then I add color to their dance. I give each person three versions of my interpretation. Often they end up asking for more than one piece.

  • What advice would you give to a young artist?

Travel, enjoy life and don’t things so seriously. Do not simply survive it but live it to the fullest. Don’t get hung up on what you feel needs to happen. Life happens and when you follow it, it will give you the inspiration you must have. Take business courses, you don’t have to be starving to be an artist. Study the classics then truly develop your own style. Find a true partner that gives you freedom and lets you be. You can have it all, just create it, and that will give you the best inspiration.

Art Work : Left | I AM HERE | Diptych 96″ x 96″ | Right | X MARKS THE SPOT | Diptych 96″ x 96″ | Photo By Carole Beauvais

Cover Photography: Michelle Pederson