Be The Store (Be Café) |  The Secret Garden In Barcelona

In the middle of the busiest street in Barcelona, I discovered a gem, an oasis, a hidden treasure – “B Café”. It’s a special place because one can only find out about it by sheer chance. The coffee place was created out of the space of the inner yard of the shop “Be The Store” that sells Boho style clothes, bags, shoes, organic beauty products and other decorative stuff for home and office. Unless you reach the end of the shop you will never know about this Secret Garden.

Wild Flowers With The Be Café Slogan On The Table | Photography: Olga Martinova

What strikes you the most is the quietness you find there, it’s completely devoid of any noise except the occasional sound of the window being closed (slammed -Spanish style). After five minutes quietly sitting there, in solitude, I felt like I came home – cozy, welcoming, hardly any people unless it’s a coffee break, isolated from the rush of the city. The space is small but it has a dimension of a much bigger place being in the open air. There are five tables and all have different shapes and sizes, surrounded by plants, a little Jungle of sorts. My favorite part is the chairs – eclectic, they have so much character, they are almost like people – individuals. There is one table with the sofa, it gives you a feeling of being in your own living-room. It has a bohemian touch in so many details, like the wild flowers in the vase on each table, or the colorful pillows thrown on the sofa. But regardless of this “free spirit” ambiance, this place has a certain mood to it, the exquisiteness of every object, a class, a personal touch, which in itself is a thing of luxury.

A Central View From The Entrance | Photography: Olga Martinova

I got into the habit of coming here almost every second day to work on my book, or simply to think. I call it my office now, but working hours are limited as by 12.30 p.m. people start coming for their midday coffee break. Still, it doesn’t lose its tranquil state.  I take my “café con leche” in a glass – a long drink, as I tend to spend half of my morning there, and lucky for me the place offers small snacks like cookies, muffins, toast with jam, also some savory options like “Bikini” – grilled ham & cheese sandwich. There is also a myriad of Organic Teas, which go so well with a lemon pound cake, that makes for a nice midday treat.

A Neat Coffee Stand/Bar With The Display Of Organic Teas Inside The Shop | Photography: Olga Martinova

While I sit there listening to the silence, imbibing the magic of peacefulness it brings to me, I realize what luxury means to me, it’s this moment of quietness – it’s priceless.

Be The Store | | Av. Diagonal, 606, 08021, Barcelona | +34 934 192 479