The Clifford Pier | Relish In An Afternoon Of Heritage Delights

Enjoy an afternoon at The Clifford Pier, overlooking the spectacular view of the Singapore’s city sky line with a mouth watering high tea set of heritage delights.

Situated in what must be one of the most historically significant (and breathtakingly beautiful) location in Singapore at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, The Clifford Pier serves up an afternoon tea of heritage delights that warms the heart of the locals yet serves as a good introduction to what Singapore cuisine is all about. 

The Clifford Bat is nestled in The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

What was once a hawker centre offering the different varieties of street food in the 1960s, The Clifford Pier honours its historical roots as a landing point for Singapore’s fore fathers who came from all over Asia. What better way to celebrate this diversity than with glorious food, another important part of the Singaporean identity. The Singapore Heritage Tea offered by The Clifford Pier does just that, with a traditionally innovative menu capturing the flavours of Singapore’s cuisine. With 16 sweet and savoury picks each a nostalgic part of the Singapore tastebud, it was truly a luxurious experience, sure to satisfy the connoisseur in you.

The Singapore Heritage high tea offerings take inspiration from many all time local favorites, both sweet and savoury.

The Singapore Heritage high tea offerings take inspiration from many all time local favorites. Street food such as fried carrot cake (a steamed radish cake fried with eggs and radish, unlike the Western style dessert) and bak kwa (grilled salty-sweet diced pork) for the savoury and the many colourful tapioca kueh kuehs (bite size Nonya desserts) for its sweet selection are just a few of the must eats in Singapore. Yet The Clifford Pier manages to breathe new life into these local delights by incorporating a yummy twist to them. The fried carrot cake dish is now topped with scrambled egg, instead of the usual fried egg, and paired with an extraordinary spicy XO chilli sauce that will surely excite your senses. Bak kwa, usually eaten during the Lunar New Year festivities and on its own, now compliments an egg tart, an unconventional combination that was a welcomed surprise.

Even the sweet treats offered by the Singapore Heritage high tea set did not disappoint. The flavors of pandan, coconut and bandung (a rose syrup drink mixed with condense milk) were fused seamlessly into Western desserts such as Swiss roll, chocolate cake and macarons.

Definitely a great representation of the multi cultural city of Singapore, the Singapore Heritage tea set is an excellent introductory meal for the ever adventurous food lover but also for the any Singaporean who wants to give the innovative food offerings a try! For those who still want to enjoy a western, classic afternoon tea, The Singapore Heritage tea still manages to balance the Singapore flavours of spices and confectionary very well with a great selection of English tea as well as scones with jam. Every item of the menu is refillable so that you can savour each unique offering to the fullest!

The ambience of The Clifford Pier was cosy and intimate, perfect for a get together with loved ones.

The ambience of The Clifford Pier was cosy and intimate, complete with a stunning view of the Marina Bay Sands and the ArtsScience Museum. Be sure to stay for the serenading piano performances for a thorough The Clifford Pier experience. As they say, all journeys begin at The Clifford Pier.