Café Kafka Barcelona | A Love Letter

You don’t need to read Kafka to love it, by which I mean “Café Kafka” a restaurant in the center of El Born district in Barcelona.

Main Dining Space At Cafe Kafka

I have discovered this place seven years ago and since then I’ve been going there regularly.  Why? Because this place is like love – it happens to you and you fall in love with it irreversibly!  I miss it when I don’t go there for a while. It’s not your ordinary restaurant where one goes to eat, drink and have conversations. It has a different philosophy in this respect –  it makes you feel different about yourself. The name itself suggests an artistic mood, which is expressed in many details and especially in the interior design of the restaurant. What really caught my eye when I first entered this place were the bookshelves, comfortably embedded into the walls and the plush sofas, where one can easily pass hours after the food is long done with, and yet a nice Gin&Tonic (a specialty of the place) is there to linger a bit more. For those who like a nonchalant style and an easy-going vibe can perfectly settle at the bar under the row of lamps suspended from the ceiling, each boasting with its originality of style, and have a succulent dish of Tuna Tartar with finely cut potato chips on top or some vegetarian option like Quinoa salad with fresh cheese and cherry tomato.

The ambiance there is unique in its elegant leisure of motion. Food comes at the right pace but the servers make sure that you enjoy your first glass of wine in languid relish. It is truly a pure joy to be there and observe, as if some staged performance being taken place. A bartender who is busy with making drinks but ready to flash a smile at you the moment you look at him; and the servers, who even though have a flare of a poetic indifference about them, will turn into embodiment of sincere attention when needed. Oh, how charming!

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Another sight to stop and admire happens when on the way to the rest-room you spot a massive chair, almost a sofa, in velvet animal print upholstery – brilliant and decadent, a separate concept by itself! In the rest-room there is a display of black and white photographs of the movie stars from the past. Everyone takes time there by simply looking around.

I go to “Café Kafka” all year round, but my favorite time of year is when it’s already warm enough to sit in the terrace and watch people passing by, while in no hurry I order my second Aperol in anticipation of a long evening ahead of me in the best company, my inner Kafka. | Calle Fusina, 7, 08003,Barcelona | +34 933 100 526