Pürovel Spa & Sport | Revitalise Your Body And Soul

Pamper your body and soul with a Refreshing Relaxation Massage at Pürovel Spa & Sport, a luxury Swiss sanctuary . 

These days, it is easy to get caught up with the humdrum of life. Whether it’s pursuing a career or maybe even getting engrossed in the nitty gritty, it is easy to forget to set aside precious time for oneself to rejuvenate and enjoy the greater things in life. Pürovel Spa & Sport ensures that every hedonist leaves feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

At Pürovel Spa & Sport, guests are enticed to experience all four seasons of natural vitality in unique treatment sessions

Swissotel Merchant Court, Singapore’s Pürovel Spa & Sport transports you away from the busy city life and into a luxurious spa sanctuary. Once you step into Pürovel Spa & Sport, the scents of Alpine flowers and herbs, organically produced in the Pürovel fields of Switzerland takes you into a natural and vitality inspired whole new world.

What stood out at Pürovel Spa & Sport was their utmost concern for not just the physical well being of guests, but also their state of mind. Pürovel Spa & Sport made sure that every one leaves feeling refreshed, both body and soul, which was very much appreciated. You can be sure to be taken care of thoroughly at Pürvoel Spa & Sport.

With a variety of massages and facial treatments available, you will definitely be able to find a customised treatment that will bring your pamper session one notch up. For those who have testified to Pürovel Spa & Sport‘s amazing treatments in its overseas branches, be sure to still drop by Swissotel Merchant Court, Singapore as it offers the unique Singapore Massage which utilizes massage techniques from the Chinese, Malay and Indian culture.

Each Pürovel Spa & Sport experience is further enhanced by bath amenities produced organically in Switzerland, scented with notes evoking the fresh Alpine air, dense verdant forests and the flower-filled pastures of the Swiss Alps.

For those who enjoy a medium pressure massage, indulge in the Refreshing Relaxation Massage treatment. This is especially suitable for those seeking a relaxed mind as the treatment uses fresh scents of lavender, clary sage and pine, all known for its calming properties. Making use of long and soothing strokes, the well trained therapist was able to identify any muscle knots of and customise the massage accordingly.

With quality in mind, Pürovel Spa & Sport pays attention to every detail of guests to make them feel at home.

While the Refreshing Relaxation massage treatment aids in the lymphatic and circulatory system, do not forget to give the skin of your face a well deserved facial as well. Enjoy an Instant Glow Facial Treatment that will immediately brighten your skin to top it all off. Using Pürovel Spa & Sport‘s own high quality facial products, the Instant Glow Treatment is a great perk me up that will banish any signs of dull skin. Results are instantaneous and is most suitable for when you have a big night out!

The entire experience at Pürovel Spa & Sport made me feel right at ease. A stand out was the Refreshing Relaxation massage treatment as it was effective in loosening up my stiff neck, shoulders and back that allowed me to sleep soundly the night of the treatment. The Instant Glow Facial was noticeable even right after the treatment and its radiant effect lasted all through the day.

Treat yourself to an exquisite spa treatment at Pürovel Spa & Sport for the ultimate hedonistic experience.