JANTVARI | A Unique Moment Of Beauty

After i’ve read “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind I never looked at the bottle of perfume the same way again or the scent of it, in random or purposefully, left me rejuvenated..

This is why when a couple of months ago I noticed the shop “Jantvari” on a narrow street next to Turo Park in Barcelona, I felt that peculiar jolt of curiosity. It was not only the shop that drew my attention with its windows decorated as a Japanese Garden of sorts, but rather the display of perfumes there. It was a thing of beauty, a luxury at its essence.

No one would resist the temptation of knowing what treasures it hid inside.

Inside Jantvari shop. A row of tables with the display of jewelries.

The shop is divided into two parts. One belongs to the most unique and exquisite niche perfumes like Micallef, Mancera, Etat Libre d’Orange or Il Rofvmo among many more. Every bottle has its own special place, a certain pedestal for us to stand in front and admire. On the opposite side of the shop there are shelves dedicated to the luxurious skincare products. Here we meet with various exclusive brands, which one hardly hears of, yet they’ve existed for many years and are known for their “haute couture” quality – Japanese brands Menard or Kosé-Decorté.

A window decor of the shop.

Jantvari makes you feel special the moment you enter it, which in big part can be attributed to its owner Nacho Cantador. When I ask about the concept and philosophy behind this shop, Nacho tells me that the idea is to bring the client an experience of a “custom-made” purchase, a sensation of utmost exclusivity.

Perfumes reflected in the mirror.

Every item in the shop is sold exclusively here. And when a client enters the shop we want him/her to feel accordingly, by paying maximum attention to his/her preferences, because no one wants to be told what one must like.

Mancera perfumes on a glass shelf.

I take my time to roam around and admire the design of the shop, its little nooks and niches with pieces of art by fairly known artists, a row of glass tables with the exclusive luxurious accessories by Janette Watts, Pat’s Vintage Jewelry, Carolina Queralt to name a few. There is also a column with several hats hanging on it by Eulalia de Lucia – Havana inspired collection, which brings a “joie de vivre” vibe to the place.

Pat’s hand-made earrings.

I’m reluctant to leave this shop, I realize that it has a certain addictive power in the air. I take a deep breath so that I can prolong the magic – the scent of the perfume which has no name, this unique moment of Beauty… JANTVARI