What was the epicenter of American theatre for the 20th Century, the iconic Stanford White designed building, and home to the former Lambs Club, is now The Chatwal. This luxury boutique hotel located in the lively Theatre District of New York on 44th street was opened in 2010. The restaurant and the bar still carry the name of Lambs Club honoring the heritage and history of this emblematic Neo-Georgian edifice that maintains its essence while incorporating modern amenities. This elegant hotel evokes luxury and happiness from the moment you enter to the moment you encounter its sincere personnel.

Grand Art Deco Entrance | The Chatwal

When I travel to New York, I expect excitement. I know that it’s one of those cities where something is always happening. The buoyant energy of Manhattan is enticing and every corner is reminiscent of the greatness of the once called American Dream that today, in the fast paced Digital Era, translates into ever innovative visions and unlimited opportunities. Simply walking its streets and wandering around is a breathtaking experience, from its majestic buildings and eclectic architecture, endless options of restaurants and cafes, diverse people and unique neighborhoods, shopping, art and culture to whatever you can imagine. For these reasons alone and beyond, I love The Chatwal’s service of unique packages to fully experience the city at its best. Whether you want cycling and a romantic picnic in Bryant Park with a basket of deliciousness and a blanket, a full wellness experience in the Spa or set up your vibration through a guided meditation surrounded with candles, you will be beyond satisfied.

Producer Suite Rooftop Terrace | The Chatwal

My favorite is the new ‘Beautiful Broadway Package’ which includes: two nights’ luxury accommodation with a welcome amenity, a manicure at The Chatwal’s Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden, pre-theatre dinner at The Lambs Club and two premium tickets to BEAUTIFUL, a Carole King Musical with an Exclusive Backstage Tour of the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. What a fantastic experience! Furthermore, The Chatwal concierge can provide whatever and whenever the guests desires, so yes, even tickets to Broadway musical ‘ Hamilton ‘!

The rooms are designed by French architect and designer Thierry Despont. All 76 guest rooms are created with an art deco era quintessence and contemporary style of comfort, making each room absolutely exclusive and truly luxurious.

Junior Suite | The Chatwal

We stayed at Junior Suite. The guest room is meticulously curated and beautifully organized to turn your stay into an ultimate experience. A fresh welcoming fruit platter, chocolate bonbon and a personal note were placed on the vanity counter next to the window upon our arrival. To the left of the foyer, a very conveniently designed wardrobe covering the entire wall extends into the room. Divided into three sections that are designed for different functionalities consisting of a safe, shelves with an umbrella and bedroom slippers, extra comforters, backgammon in a leather case, luggage storage and different sizes cloth hangers to my favorite, the entertainment space. This has a mini bar with all kinds of singular spirits and refreshments, classy glasses and a menu to order your favorite signature cocktail delivered directly to you. Deck of cards, luxury lifestyle publications and a variety of snacks accompanied by your favorite drink make the perfect pairing to enjoy a time dedicated to yourself. All door handles have brown leather details which are pleasurable to the tact and simply amazing to look at. The furniture is custom made with a Louis Vuitton flair yet still very distinctive. The bed is more than comfortable, for it observes your body to make you feel as if you are melting into its soft and silky sheets. Just with a reach of your hand to your nightstand, you can dim all lights and play a goodnight meditation on an iPad. In general, the interior design has the perfect balance of art deco and modern styles.

Bathroom | The Chatwal

When entering the bathroom, black porcelain tiles with little shiny dots like stars are spread across the floor. Part of the walls duplicate through the mirrors, creating an illusion of an infinite three-dimensional space, making you stop for a moment while observing around. Right in front of you, an elegant vanity, made of dark blue glass and stainless steel frame, invites you to come closer. The first thing that catches your eye is how well everything is organized with each spot designed specifically for each item. An amenity box, which is actually a leather suitcase, calls for your exploration of what is inside. The hydro massage bath tub has an integrated raindrop shower so you can indulge yourself in a warm bubble bath with a glass of champagne, soft self-dimming lighting and relaxing music. A warm toilet seat and handheld remote that offers a variety of bidet functions make a unique and amusing experience.

The space is designed with all necessary tools for you to enjoy your stay and enough to never have to leave. The hotel itself is a vacation on its own. It’s almost like you can become an artist yourself, crafting and drawing your own remarkable experience surrounded by a sophisticated and luxurious environment.

Mezzanine Bar | The Chatwal

Every Thursday guests are invited to join General Manager in the lobby for a glass of champagne sharing and building community. The Culinary experience is 24 hours and offers seasonal cuisine while the bar is offering a wide selection of wines and signature cocktails.

The Chatwal celebrates each guest as an event, a truly bespoke, boutique and hedonistic phenomenon designed for the most discerning.