Interview With Jennifer Loh | Where Art Meets Aesthetics

The amalgamation of Aesthetics and Art with Ms Jennifer Loh; her aspirations for NOVU Medical Clinic and all things luxurious. 

As aesthetics treatments become more common in today’s society, it is with great joy to be able to find an aesthetic clinic that really understand the needs of the modern women. Fuss free, sincere but never compromising on the high standards of quality and luxurious experience, it is no wonder NOVU Medical Medical Aesthetic Clinic (previously known as PPP Laser Clinic) continuously stands out with its ever evolving aesthetic treatments and its commitment to always provide the best services it can.

Managing Director of NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Ms Jennifer Loh

Managing Director of NOVU, Ms Jennifer Loh’s zest for life, a positive attitude and her passion for supporting the local arts industry play a significant role to the success of NOVU. This has resulted in the Art Meets Aesthetics platform to actively connect and work together with various local artists and local productions, such as Singapore’s 1st Female Finger Painter, Ms Adeline Yeo, internationally recognized performer/choreographer, Ms Sheena Seah and her daughter, Ms Jade Riccio and the cast of the recently concluded musical in Singapore, Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress.

How did the journey of NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic (and previously PPP Laser Clinic) first started?
NOVU (previously known as PPP Laser Clinic) was established in 2010. At that time, medical aesthetics treatments were still not as popular due to steep pricing. NOVU wanted to make aesthetics treatments readily available to the public at affordable prices. In addition, we provide fast and fuss free treatments as we realized that not many people have the luxury to enjoy a 1 to 2 hour treatment due to their hectic schedule. As we evolved over the past year, we have revamped our treatment menu to offer a more comprehensive range of services that better address specific skin concerns of our patients, while still keeping all treatments non-invasive or minimally invasive and, as always, still remaining accessible.

What made you interested in this industry of medical aesthetic and laser treatments?
The healthcare and aesthetics sector is a high growth industry globally. I was very excited for the new opportunities and challenges that laid ahead for me in this sector, and with the skills I have acquired from starting up and managing my own businesses and real estate investments and developments, I was able to transfer them over to help the business.

NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

What are the differences between NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic and PPP Laser Clinic? What have you retained and kept from PPP Laser Clinic to NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic?
The brand evolution of PPP Laser Clinic and NOVU Aesthetics happened early last year, in 2016. The difference between PPP Laser Clinic and NOVU is that we have become much more patient-focused. With this in mind, we developed new language and system to communicate all our offerings under what we call the 360 Solution. This system classifies skin conditions under 3 main categories: Colour, Consistency, Contour. This allows us to more effectively communicate our growing suite of treatments to better tailor treatments and and products for our patients. In the past, PPP Laser Clinic had a simple one-size fits all treatment which worked to educate the public about the effectiveness of lasers. As the market has grown with a more sophisticated understanding of aesthetics, we too have evolved to better serve and support the needs of our patients.

New treatments and products along with a new identity was born when we evolved from PPP Laser Clinic to NOVU. This includes constant improvement of our customer service and experience. Patients receive a greater variety of treatments, products and services across all our clinics.

What do you think is the X Factor of NOVU Medical Asethetic Clinic?
NOVU’s 360 Solution is our unique language to describe the foundation for all our products and treatments, at present and everything that we plan for in our pipeline. 360 also describes how we as a company has grown all round through the upstream vertical integration of our R&D, technology, manufacturing, protocols and products, and our horizontal integration, through the delivery over a wide platform of our clinics and product distribution points, and the growing number of new treatments and products. In this past year, we have launched three skincare series; NOVU Clinical, NOVU Elemental, and NOVU Enliven, and several new treatments; Evolution series, Glazo Peel Laser, Eye Depuffer Laser, and NOVU Body treatments. NOVU’s mission is to be the trusted, professional skincare and aesthetics provider, at every stage of our patients’ lives; through the values we embrace, Patience, Teamwork, Passion,

Professionalism, Service, Positivity & Proactivity, and Accountability, NOVU wants to be the one- stop friendly aesthetic chain that is accessible to people of all ages.

To be a truly holistic skincare provider, NOVU’s interior space is dedicated in all aspects; audio, lighting, visuals and space.

What inspires you to continuously improve and expand NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic?
The healthcare and aesthetics industry is growing and at NOVU we believe in providing safe and effective aesthetics services and products for our patients across all age groups and skin concerns. Thus, we constantly stay abreast of trends and technology to improve on existing treatments and products, and also develop new treatments and products to offer the best to our patients. With the growing demand and to offer affordable aesthetics to more patients, we are expanding both locally and globally, vertically and horizontally.

What made you passionate about supporting local artists?
We feel that the local scene is often neglected by many. Local audiences tend to look towards international big brands and artists as they are endorsed and have the capability to advertise and push themselves favourably to their targeted audience. However, local artists, productions and brands lack the support and exposure. As an established local aesthetics company, we are in a good position to support and help build awareness for local arts. NOVU hopes that by doing so, we encourage other businesses with influence and reach to do the same.

Ms Jennifer Loh with Ms Adeline Yeo, Singapore first finger painting artist

Tell us more about how you got started with the idea of combining Arts and Aesthetics
The way we perceive our products and services is that it is only a part of a holistic solution to one’s wellness. We can treat the health and wellness of our patients’ skin and shape their body through our body Evo treatments, however, other factors affect the long term holistic wellness of each of us. We see the arts as a complement to NOVU by creating a lifestyle that promotes healing and wellness from within. On the other hand, as our patients experience better looking skin and body, we hope that we create an increased sense of well being and self confidence, boosting wellness from the outside in. With the arts and other collaborations, NOVU aims to provide a holistic journey for patients, allowing them to experience wellness from the inside out and outside in.

What attracted you to want to work with artists such as Ms. Adeline Yeo, Ms. Sheena Seah and her daughter, Ms. Jade Riccio?
They each have a pursuit of excellence in their own practice, which is honed through tireless practice and continuous learning. This is very close to our own values at NOVU to keep improving ourselves to achieve the best we can offer.

How was the experience working with these artists?
We had a great time working with Adeline Yeo, Sheena Seah, Jade Riccio, and the Forbidden City team. Working with them allowed us to understand their art and artistry, and get an even better appreciation for their professionalism. This has been greatly enriching for us as well. Similarly, each of the artists has been highly supportive and impressed by the idea of this platform and its approach at marrying very different practices.

Who do you wish to collaborate with and continue the Art Meets Aesthetics project and why?
Art Meets Aesthetics is an on-going project and platform. As of now, we are looking other various individuals and groups that we can collaborate with for the next instalment of Art Meets Aesthetics. We have not confirmed any collaboration yet, but the next instalment would likely be announced later this year.

What is your personal mantra when it comes to having a balanced lifestyle?
I believe in self-reflection, and taking care of nutrition and exercise. I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and the practice has helped me gain self awareness, not just with my physical body, but also bring mindfulness to what I consume, how I treat myself and my interactions with other people. With my packed lifestyle, it is a challenge to find this balance, but I try and find time to centre and refocus on my priorities.

Do you have any ritual or habit to help you prepare for a great day ahead?
I like to wake up early if I can, see my children off to school and start with an hour of yoga practice and meditation. When I am able to do so, I usually find that I have more sustained energy and focus. And I always feel good that I have taken of myself and prepped myself to take care of all other business during the day.

Who do you think contributed to your personal and professional development?
I am inspired by my own children and other children. I see so much curiosity and creativity in young children, and attitudes yet to be fettered by norms and expectations. I constantly remind myself, especially with my own children, that this is a gift, and something to be preserved even as an adult. I learn so much from these freedoms to think and create, and bring that into my professional life. I am also inspired by so many women around me who have found balance in their personal lives, family and work. This has been a challenge for me, and I continuously look towards women who have achieved a sense of peace with their choices and priorities and define success in meaningful ways.

What does success mean to you?
Success, to me, means that I am at peace with my choices and priorities and that I fulfill my promises and obligations to each of these priorities to the best of my abilities.

How do you envision the future of NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic?
I envision that NOVU will become a household name, and have presence worldwide through multiple platforms, online and offline. This could be in the form of services and products delivered through our clinics, through mobile touchpoints and express counters, as well as a strong interactive online presence that promotes information exchange, community and transactions.

Our motto at The Hedonist is “You can be, do, and have anything you want.” What’s your take on such a statement?
Yes I concur! Where there is a will, there is a way. However, there are sometimes compromises you have to make, but I always believe that with a little creativity, the less obvious options may be the optimal solutions.