La Marquise Décadente | A Sweet Jewel In Barcelona

“What is it you want to do in life?” asked the Marquis.

“I want to enjoy myself and follow the smell of vanilla that leads to huge layered cake. I want my friends and I to jump into it and eat from the inside out, biting into the crunchy millefeuilles, dripping crème patissièr.”

A Lemon Cake With The Merengue Cream Topping

This is exactly what I’m thinking of while sitting on the sofa with the plush red velvet pillows at “Marquise Décadente” patisserie and feeling what one would, with the plate of a scrumptious lemon cake in front of me – Decadent!  Or not just yet, not until I dip my fork into the soft merengue cream on top of my cake, a generous piece, and “devour” it in the most elegant way, like it’s nobody’s business. Although it’s not an easy task to eat a “cake of your dream” without having it on the tips of your fingers or around your mouth.

The idea is simply “to let yourself go” says Milagros, the owner of the place, “you don’t come here to just grab a cake and go, you are here for a wonderful and… well, decadent experience!” It is indeed an experience and a manifold one. The place has a “Marie Antoinette” vibe with its gilded chairs and sofas with velvet pillows, exquisite marble tables, muted lighting accompanied by the sounds of Mozart or Chopin. You won’t find here any magazine or a newspaper to be distracted by, because here you forget the outside world. it’s almost like a moment of meditation, it belongs to you, it’s what counts and nothing else.

“La Marquise Decadnete” Patisserie Interior

“La Marquise Décadente” is famous for its variety of sweets in general. It has a traditional chocolate cake, a cheese cake, cinnamon rolls, Russian “Medovik” – a honey layered cake, “Tres Leches” a typical cake from Latin America; there is even a famous “Baklava” and a sumptuous “Millefeuilles” a touch of Parisian chic, if you wish.

A daughter of a Peruvian ambassador Milagros has visited and lived in many countries throughout her growing-up years, so it comes as no surprise that the “map of the world” has largely influenced the style of the place and the pastries it offers.  It is truly a jewel, a place of a unique homely elegance, where an attention to detail is a key ingredient. It all starts with how the cake is served and what music it’s accompanied by, the luxurious porcelain (I notice “Rosenthal” in tiny gold letters), this is all a part of the experience, says Milagros.

Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

  I leave “La Marquise Décadente” with a bag of fresh cinnamon rolls in my hands and a flicker of mischief in my eyes – that feeling when your hedonistic mission is fulfilled. 

La Marquise Décadente
Carrer de Casanovas, 191, 08036, Barcelona + 34 932 694 170