Lulu’s Lounge | An Eclectic Night Life Experience

From flickering neon signage to lipstick stained napkins, LuLu welcomes you to her hide out in the form of an eclectic late night lounge.

Be transported back in time as Lulu brings you into her world. Projecting all the characteristics of a 1960’s New York back alley club, Lulu’s Lounge brings a quirky and outlandish design to life with a series of late night jazz music, burlesque performances and cocktails that will make you come back for more.

The grandeur of Lulu’s Lounge can be felt immediately when guests enter.

Stepping into Lulu’s Lounge was unlike anything else. Immediately upon entering, much of Lulu’s (imagined) personality shines through. It was as if she was welcoming guests into her not-so-humble abode, with her sense of style in every corner of the lounge. From Lulu’s luxurious fur coats at the door way, to her personal collection of fragrances and hair wigs and even the lip stick stained menus to its napkins, it was definitely an exclusive peek into Lulu’s world through the little details.

Luxe decor of Lulu’s Lounge, bringing you back to 1960s New York.

The ambience of Lulu’s Lounge resembled the set of The Great Gatsby with its plush leather and velvet decor, yet it still manages to exude a cosy and intimate safe haven. This ties in with the back story of Lulu where she was gifted the lounge as a symbol of love from her lover, Louie, for her to manage and run at her whims and fancies.

Whiskey Pucker Up

The speciality cocktails at Lulu’s definitely did not disappoint as well. With the same signature lipstick stain, Whiskey Pucker Up was as tasty as it looked with Rebel Yell Whiskey and a tinge of maple syrup and lemon juice for the refreshing taste. This was definitely a crowd favourite!

Va Va Voom

For those of you who want something spicy, the Va Va Voom is one for you. With inspiration from Paloma, a tequila based cocktail, give your tastebuds a treat with Ilegal Mezcal and orange paired with chili flavored ice cubes, house made grenadine and grapefruit soda. For that extra kick of spiciness, munch on some chilli powder dusted cucumber and be ready to dance the night away!

Big Coconuts

And of course, Lulu is nobody without her sass. Try the Big Coconuts for the Piña Colada lovers, mixed with Reyka Vodka, kafir lime syrup and (a lot of) coconut cream. Definitely a must try if you enjoy anything coconut-y!

Portraits of specially curated art and decorative pieces make Lulu’s Lounge feel just like home

Lulu’s Lounge is definitely her home away from home, where she was able to enjoy good jazz music in the company of a good crowd. The night long entertainment of Burlesque dancers, drag queen performances and saxophone players was a refreshing change from the usual mega-club experience.

Brought to you by the co-founders of SJS Group, Joshua Schwartz and Sarrisa Rodriguez, who are experts in bringing the party to life, Lulu’s Lounge is perfect for the discerning party crowd and one not to be missed.