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London is by definition, home to luxury.

Regardless the many and subjective meanings “luxury” might have, we had a opportunity to experience an exceptional place: 13 Georgian Townhouses built in 1731, combined together and converted into one of the most exclusive hotels in London since its opening in 1851. Located in Mayfair, an old neighborhood built with majestic housing to satisfy the needs the upper class back in 1800, the area has never lost its wealthy status. Among its luxury residential properties, there are boutiques, cafes and restaurants suiting the noble personality of this coveted neighborhood in London.

Concierge | Flemings Mayfair Hotel

Mayfair’s Flemings Hotel is a fine example of what the history of this neighborhood represents.  Albeit discrete and practical, the entrance conveys a sophisticated feel, giving access to the Drawing Room – Tea Room, Restaurant, Bar and Guest Rooms.

Its recent renovation has been conceived to create the perfect blend between the old and the new: such as shades of bronze bathing the overall look of the interiors that mix up with a set of elegant modern furniture.

The 129 cozy rooms of the hotel were decorated independently. The guest room where we stayed was remarkably beautiful, and included a library full of interesting books from the last Century. I could have spent hours and hours behind those pages. Even with its classic background, the hotel is fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. I was able to charge my US phone without adaptor, and listen to my music using Bluetooth while getting delighted with a cappuccino straight from the Nesspresso available in the room.

Junior Site | Flemings Mayfair Hotel

One of my favorite moments was looking at the artwork displayed in its walls: the hotel has a long history of collaborating with local galleries and artists to showcase their distinctive art and photography. Flemings Mayfair has commissioned its extraordinary portraiture, with each celebrity having been at the hotel between 2014 and 2016, which is now featured in the hotel’s newly designed guest rooms, suites and apartments. Among the leading stars we find Kate Moss, Nicole Scherzinger, Naomi Campbell, Rita Ora, Hugh Grant, Gary Barlow and Harrison Ford to name a few.

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Nevertheless, what truly amazed us was the bathroom, where Flemings shows its best style in it. Black marbles, indirect lighting and pedestal sink. A true example of practical yet extraordinary design.

A spectacular discovery was also the restaurant Ormer located within the hotel. Breakfast Buffet included a traditional selection of charcuterie and artisanal cheeses, local fruits, granola, baked viennoiserie, yoghurts and beverages. The gastronomic proposals were delicious and satisfying on both levels, taste and visual presentation. The pancakes were perfectly spongy, slightly sweet with a soft vanilla flavor, fresh seasonal berries, a hint of maple syrup and the deliciousness from Crème Fraîche.

Ormar Restaurant | Flemings Mayfair Hotel

In the evening, elegant preparations are given a signature Chef Shaun Rankin’s twist, and sent out to the beautifully calm dining room where guests are taken care of by attentive staff. The Menu is steeped in classic fine dining tradition but modernized with innovative culinary techniques that elevate the meal. Ormar is the ultimate expression of modern Michelin cooking. The standards are kept high, positioning the restaurant in the fine dining scene of restaurants in London.

Manetta’s Bar | Flemings Mayfair Hotel

To continue our sublime evening we had a drink at the Manetta’s bar. Professional, classic, modern baristas. I had a rare whisky which I won’t mention so you might feel curious to check the inventory.

Finally the Tea Room. This is where you feel as if you were from 1700 British Nobility. The accurate selection of teas and the professionalism of the personnel are excellent.

Tea Room | Flemings Mayfair Hotel

The hotel has it all, gathering all the modern comforts yet providing a classy atmosphere. If you happen to be in London, don’t miss the Flemings, in Mayfair.

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