Sugarhall | A Hedonistic Carribean Paradise

Pump up your hedonistic night with the perfect mix of rum and grilled goodness

Ranked second for its nightlife and dining by the Global Country Brand Index, Singapore’s appeal as a choice destination for all things enjoyment has only grown over the years. While there are countless of options for one to start off the weekend, nothing stands out as much as Sugarhall, whose standing as a specialty bar and restaurant makes it one of the must-go destinations those looking for a quirky, hedonistic night.

Fun Carribean vibes at Sugarhall

A stone’s throw away from Singapore’s bustling Central Business District, Sugarhall is a prime choice for those looking to kick off their heels for a drink or two after a long week. What makes Sugarhall stands out from other bars and restaurants is its distinctive Carribean flair – from Jamaican ska music livening the dining atmosphere to fun Carribean-inspired cocktails, guests are promised a heart-pumping and gastronomic experience.

For the uninitiated, Barbados is the birthplace of rum since 1703. It is clear that Sugarhall celebrates and embraces the Barbados charm, through celebrating rum in all its tastes, shapes and sizes – they have more than 100 types of rum sourced from all corners of the globe, where award-winning mixologists concoct new drinks regularly. A personal favourite would be the San Juan cooler – a delightful mix of Bacardi Carta Blanca, green grapes, passionfruit, lime and Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic – which complements perfectly with more savoury flavours available in Sugarhall‘s dinner menu.

Celebrating rum in all its glory at Sugarhall

Sugarhall is not only known for its cocktails and rums, but also its dinner menu brimming with palate-punching flavors. One must-have recommendation would be its premium Iberico Pork collar. Using a specialty smoke house and in-house grill, the resulting taste is the stuff of culinary dreams. A sharing platter for 2-3 people, the acorn-fed Iberico pork comes complete with a complex, nutty flavour, which is amplified by brining it with gin and oats. Complete the experience with ingenious tapas dishes such as the endives with black cow cheddar, pecans and croutons or the cabbage with polenta, kelp butter and shiitake crumbs.

Strawberry Meringue with the kick of Sarawak black pepper

Nothing ends off a splendid night better than a sweet treat. Try Sugarhall‘s Strawberry Meringue, a wondrous combination of sweet crusty meringue and sour strawberry jam – not to mention a surprising after taste of black pepper for that kick right at the end.

More than just a classy watering hole, Sugarhall invites everyone for an immense gustatory experience – with sugary rums and platters grilled to perfection, they will make you come back for more the next time you are looking for an unconventional night out in Singapore.