Claudie Pierlot | Let’s Do The Twist With The Anouck Bag

Twisting and Dancing withClaudie Pierlot’s newest Anouck Bag

Etymologically, the word ‘twist’ is linked to ‘diversion’. This is a free-flowing and addictive dance. It is a basic repetitive movement with many interpretations. The twist dares with flare, like a symbol of style. Claudie Pierlot is invoking this theme for its new leather goods line: Anouck Four timeless bags and six scarves that reflect the core identity of Claudie Pierlot to make up its ranges and add a personal touch to your wardrobe.

The fashion profile of this new line? Ageless calfskin bags, type mini-tote, with perfect sizing like an extension of oneself. This beautiful timeless piece deploys its waxed edges contrasted in black, brick red or navy blue surrounding the signature Claudie ring. The logo engraved on the jewel gives the piece its unique identity and embellishes the circle. Simple, unchanging, with neither a beginning nor an end, a symbol of perfection and harmony, it perfectly embodies Claudie’s timelessness.

Saddle stitching defines the contour of the front pocket with subtlety while a closing in graphic metal provides a contrast to the simplicity of the leather. It is up to you to decide to wear it with its shoulder strap, on your shoulder or arm, in its small or large format, for daytime or for always.

To accompany these four bags in this line and change up their simple elegance, Claudie Pierlot has designed six silk scarves worn as a crossbody around the shoulder strap, wrapped or tied messily around the handle. Polka dots are psychedelic here and flirt with flashy hues: graphic black and white, cream and wine-coloured, white and neon green. Lines entangle in a geometrical colour block version, paisley is dipped in blues and greens and «Claudie I love you» captions are criss-crossed on a navy blue background.

A line that is both timeless and arty reinventing its look without changing it. Let’s twist again with Claudie Pierlot‘s Anouck bag.