“Azul Tierra” Barcelona | The Blue Earth

“Feel free to lose yourself” is my understanding of “Azul Tierra” if you ask me.  This is what I feel every time I enter this shop, which sells furniture, household inventory, antique style accessories and the most unique and luxurious candles by Cire Trudon – the oldest Candlemaker in the world (since 1643) still active today.

Cire Trudon Candles Under The Glass Bell Jars

When people say “Azul Tierra”, their voices drop to a slight whisper, almost conspiratorial as if they are giving away a secret. I, for one, have been keeping the existence of this shop to myself, that is until now. Because “Azul Tierra” meant something to me.  It’s grand, the space it occupies can be compared with the museum-like dimension. The place swallows you with its majestic spirit which you see in every object and feel it in the air – a temple. Here your imagination is confronted with what lies beyond the beauty, style, chic and luxury in its conventional understanding.

The Drawings By Jordi Escandell

“Azul Tierra” recreates the world of ancient times exposing the parts of some excavated bones or incubated skeletons of the huge birds; a door, a piece of wood or a massive slab of stone that is made to be served as a table, mixing it with the unique pieces of furniture the design of which is often undiscernible and that makes you covet it even more.

Art/Photography Printed On Alu-Dibond By Joan Alsina

For me this shop is a museum, I go there to see the beauty and uniqueness of every object, and there are plenty of things to admire apart of the large wooden tables and animal skin carpets thrown on the long leather sofas and on the floor. I love the Art on the walls, the paintings which Andy Warhol would probably love to call his, but they are not. If you come here to buy anything for your home, anything at all –  even the collection of candles here smells of some leather mixed with the sweat of a horse – you are probably after some strong and peculiar emotion to be awakened. Your guests will be impressed, No Doubt!

A Rustic Wooden Table Set With Exquisite Paceline

The Sketch of Your Living-room by “Azul Tierra”.

There is a photo in black and white of a man´s back riddled with tattoos on the wall in front of a leather sofa that stretches along the whole living-room to fit a big party of people; the skin of the leopard on the floor, as decadent as it gets, is right on point.  Now, we need a wooden table to place those massive Art books and big jarred candles of lemon grass, bergamot and some vicious spice no one knows the name of, but you do. Once you have these major pieces “established” you don’t need much more unless you are here to kill it off with the skeleton of an animal sandwiched in between a custom-made chair of grey velvet and a rustic, almost falling to pieces cupboard, which by the look of it comes from the times of the Vikings.  And a chandelier, of course, to illuminate the perfect creation and, at the same moment, the destruction of things gone and “resurrected”.

The Photo on Alu-Dibond by Joan Alsina

“Azul Tierra” is so many things but mainly it’s the spirit it evokes, a secret temptation to know more of what the eye can’t see. We all have our own perception of things. A perfect porcelain vase cracked is a pity in the eyes of many people but for some it’s a perfection –  this raw beauty.

 Azul Tierra  | azultierraonline.com  | Calle de Còrsega, 276,  Barcelona