Pure Tincture | Oasis of Tranquility Amidst A City Of Buzz

Pure Tincture offers more than the luxury of unparalleled service, but 

Sometimes, luxury lies not in the richness of things, but in the absence of vulgarity. These wise words from Coco Chanel rings true when it comes to skincare. Amidst numerous skincare products available in the market, how do we choose only the best of the best for our skin?

Pure Tincture focuses on the most organic facial experiences for the luxe millennial

Tucked in Singapore’s vibrant Central Business District, resides an unassuming shophouse – a heritage mainstay amidst Singapore’s bustling cityscape. Pure Tincture is a cosy yet deluxe beauty boutique go-to for clients with highly sensitive skin or individuals who are looking for organic facials, one of its kind in Singapore. What first started off as pure curiosity, the world of organic skincare enthralled Helen – the owner of the organic beauty boutique – she wanted to be part of a world where health, nature and beauty were the perfect triage; which is how Pure Tincture came to life.

Pure Tincture, a multi-label beauty boutique, offers one of the largest range of facials in the market – all of which targets a specific skin care concern. Her passion for creating facials using only the purest and organic skincare sparked a fire in her, and she hasn’t turned back since. Pure Tincture is also a strong advocate of the growing green movement, carrying only the most eco-friendly of brands due to Helen’s strong belief in giving back to Mother Nature. Some of her most loved products that she swears by include Pai and Santaverde, a German aloe-based skincare brand. Depending on your customized skin needs, she has 19 product lines to create the most luxurious experience, with the same therapists assigned to each client to see through the entire journey for an extra personalized experience.

Pai organic skincare brand

Stepping in the cozy enclave, a thorough skin analysis and a brief walk through of one’s lifestyle habits helps Helen concoct the perfect facial with the most luxurious and suitable combination of organic skincare products. For someone with sensitive skin like myself, and with a special likeness towards aloe vera, my completely customised facial was made up of an intricate process of double cleansing, exfoliation, toning, double masking and face massage. The elaborate facial process was complemented not only with skilful execution, but also with the gentlest of skincare products to ensure the most well-rounded and luxurious experience.

For those looking for a glow within, try Pure Tincture‘s ‘Blissful Facial’ which help restores natural luminance by stimulating facial blood circulation. Using powerful damascena rose otto and sandalwood oils to reduce inflammation, it helps address hormonal imbalance and opens the energy centres of the face, allowing the skin to glow with radiance from within.

Helen’s passion and dedication in delivering only the best organic facials is what continues to draw her clients – past, present and future. Pure Tincture is truly an oasis of tranquility amidst bustling Singapore, a prime choice for your next luxury wellness experience.