Café Turo Barcelona | Red Temptation

I see red chairs with the round tables from afar –  a terrace, which one cannot resist the temptation of stopping by for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. It looks so perfectly elegant under the dark red awning. I love coming to Café Turo for its chic and French vibe. It’s my Little Paris where I can enjoy old French music, drink coffee in the morning or a glass of Rosé in the afternoon in a warm climate of Barcelona, and observe people from the vantage point of my red wicker chair.

Café Turo Bar

It has a strong feeling of nostalgia, if I am to describe the sensation this place gives me every time I’m here. You can’t help feeling sentimental when you listen to Édith Piaf or Joe Dassin while having your morning “café au lait” with croissant or scrumptious Eggs Benedict. At lunch time Café Turo is full and reservation is needed on most days. It’s a popular meeting point, an aperitif moment, which people who live in the area are notorious for having routinely.

Inside Café Turo

Café Turo –  is a life-style, it’s about taking your time, whether you have a moment, a half an hour or the whole evening ahead of you, it will put you into “relax mode” once you settle in the terrace, inside at the bar or on the red velvet sofa. An interior of the place is a subtle mix of old French style which is found in the decor and Spanish vibrant atmosphere in general. The selection of food will satisfy every taste –  exquisite tartars and oysters with a glass of French white wine, Spanish Tapas and the desserts like a delectable Tarte Tatin, will leave you in the best of spirits.

Cocktails On The Bar Stand

Surrounded by greenery, because of its perfect location next to the well-known Turo Park, it’s also a favorite among mothers with small babies who would stop for coffee and a small catch-up with a friend on the way to the morning walk in the park. And the foreigners – they simply live in Café Turo! There is a certain reassurance and homely tranquility, in case you happen to get homesick. Being a foreigner myself, I find Café Turo particularly charming for its universally pleasant ambiance.

Carrer del Tenor Viñas, 1, 08021 Barcelona, Spain