Porcelain | Radiance From Within

To correct, rather than conceal for radiant skin to shine from within

‘Good skin should be clear and radiant from within’, the mantra of Ms Jenny Teng and Porcelain

With Porcelain’s three guiding philosophies, coupled with the expertise of mother-daughter duo Ms Jenny Teng and Ms Pauline Ng, Porcelain hears your skin problems and provides you with the most effective solution. Give your skin what it deserves with the use of Porcelain’s in house skin care line and state of the art technology for the most luxurious facial treatments in the luxurious Porcelain Signatures outlet, conveniently located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. 

Ms Jenny Teng, Director Aesthetician of Porcelain, is the testament of clear and good skin.Since making her foray into the skincare industry at the age of 16, Ms Teng had devoted her life to helping both men and women in Singapore achieve good and radiant skin from within. With her wealth of expertise and a keen following of loyal clients from her previous aesthetic establishment, Ms Teng joined forces with her daughter Ms Pauline Ng, and Porcelain was born.

Porcelain’s belief is strongly rooted in natural deep-cleansing and manual extraction of sebum and skin impurities through a safe and proven methodology developed and improved on personally by Ms Teng over the past 30 years. For anyone looking for a thorough and clean facial treatment, Porcelain is definitely the place to go.

A closer look at Porcelain’s newest and largest flagship store, Porcelain Signatures located at Tanjong Pagar Centre

With more than 25 beauty awards under its belt including the prestigious Best Beauty Spa in Asia at the World Luxury Spa Awards for five years in a row and three outlets (its newest and largest flagship store, Porcelain Signatures, located at Tanjong Pagar), the homegrown brand is led by three guiding principles so clients can attest the effectiveness of the facial treatments. Porcelain’s understanding that no two skins are the same and its commitment in client’s long term skin care journey promises that everyone can attain good skin that is clear and radiant from within. The staff at Porcelain go through rigorous training of more than 500 hours and are so dedicated to good skin that they do not wear foundation!

Since no two skin are the same and even changes with different lifestyle factors, the facial treatments at Porcelain are customisable and continue to adapt to client’ skin needs. An array of facial treatments are available to meet every skin problem and because Porcelain is located right at the heart of Singapore, client may choose to pop by for a quickie facial for that extra perk me up in the middle of a work day as well.

Oxy-Diamond Microdermabrasion in the Illuminating Facial Treatment

In particular, the Illuminate facial treatment is great for those who are looking for brighter and even looking skin so client can let the radiance from their skin shine from within. The Illuminate treatment combines Italian-made 2 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion with Oxygen Therapy and VinoTherapy but is gentle enough for those who suffer from sensitive skin. Steps in the Illuminate facial treatment is accompanied with state of the art technology so that the in house Porcelain skincare used can penetrate deeper into the skin. This result is unlike no other manual facial!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Infusion for that boost of oxygen your skin deserves in the Illuminating facial treatment

Even within a selected treatment, the trained therapists will still make the best skin care choices depending on an individual’s skin needs. The Hyper Baric Oxygen Skin Infusion, which is also the third step in the Illuminate facial treatment, uses a selection from either Deeply Hydrating Damascena Rose Lotion,Ginseng Reviving Tonic or PurifyingWitch Hazel. This is then followed by OxygenPulse Lymphatic Drainage massage with Floral Essence Lotion created using the finest Italian florals.

Custom blended mask HydroCare pH balancing bio-cellulose mask, allowing your skin to soak in 30ml of serum in the Illuminating facial treatment

The finishing touch and in my opinion the winning step of the entire treatment is  the custom blended HydroCare pH balancing bio-cellulose mask, each infused with a whooping 30ml of concentrated skin serum for the most luxurious boost your skin deserves.

Porcelain’s in house skin care range which clients can use at home for maximum results

Bid your skin care woes aside with Porcelain’s dedication to skin care and its involvement with clients’ journey in attaining great skin. With Porcelain in every step of the way, having your natural radiance shine from within becomes effortless.