Sasha Bar | The Tsarevna Of Barcelona

Sasha is not just a bar, it’s someone’s dream coming true and you get to be a part of it.

Sasha Bar Terrace


The first thing that attracted me to “Sasha” bar was its name, there was something intriguing about it, the sound of “sh” in there gave it a character and also the idea of a story behind it. And I wasn’t too far from guessing as the owner of the bar named it after his mother Sasha, which is short for Alexandra in Russia.

Signature Cocktail

This is my first impression of the place, of which I know nothing besides its name. It’s a good start and I’m full of expectations. My excitement is growing when I spot the barrels at the entrance served as tables to sit at and where I, subsequently, decide to have my first cocktail by the name of “No Hay Mañana” which means There Is No Tomorrow! I couldn’t agree more, because the drink has three types of Rum – white, aged and spiced mixed with curry, lime, meant leaf and a passion fruit served with lots of ice and a real fire coming from the lime zest on top of it. The presentation of the cocktails at “Sasha’s” is a true Art, every cocktail is an explosion of imagination and an exquisite knowledge of beverages. Same goes to the menu of “tapas” like oven baked violet potatoes in “brava” sauce topped with fresh and crunchy onion, a typical Spanish tapa transformed into something that Micheline star restaurant might have.

“Kentucky Breakfast” Served In The Egg Shell Shaped Form

I’m to continue my evening at Sasha, but I take my time and watch it from my vantage point of the veranda-like terrace. It’s a very cozy place, rustic and retro chic at once, with wooden and steel elements combined in design. Surely this place for people who like a challenge, because the spirit of an adventure is ubiquities. Slogans are everywhere, daring and bold – I like It! To go on with my evening I choose a table for two, right in the middle of the place to feel like I’m in the thick of events, if you ask me. There are two sides to “Sasha” – one, when you want to “have it all” (sitting at the bar stand having shots of tequila, for instance) or another option, when you quietly enjoying your time on the leather sofa under the shelves of books, old photographs and an array of Matryoshka Dolls, which is a vivid homage to the Russian roots of the owner. Either way it’s a wonderful place to pass your evening.

Tuna Tartar With Caviar And Pomegranate Seeds

From where I sit I see a lot, namely those two sides of the bar – its rustic nonchalance and a presence of an exquisite taste. But it’s all in the detail for me – a subtle music, a dimmed lighting, the voices of people having quiet conversations; a bar stand with its wooden shelves and a bartender with his striking Slavic looks, an exotic image for many, I’m sure.

Inside “Sasha” Bar

But when you see Leo, the owner and a creator of “all things magic” in this place, with his gentle smile and a Russian Tsar-like beard, you suddenly see how everything comes together. This is not just a bar, it’s someone’s dream coming true and you get to be a part of it.