Gabriel Kreuther New York | Exquisite Fine Dining

Alsatian born Gabriel Kreuther’s eponymous Michelin Star Midtown restaurant offers an upscale French experience with a twist. The artistic surroundings, creative menu and precise attention to detail make this a truly exquisite dining experience. The venue is perfectly positioned in the iconic sloping W.R Grace building, looking out onto Bryant Park; it is an ideal spot for pre-theater dining, business entertaining and any kind of occasion. Beautifully designed by architect Glen Coben, many aspects have been inspired by Alsatian homes. An eclectic yet unified interior has a rustic, industrial chic charm, composed by columns of reclaimed wood juxtaposed with creamy white leather seating and a glass wall offering full view of the perfect production that is the kitchen. The main dining room is pristine, formal yet relaxed and comfortable with vibrant artwork and a light, airy feel to it.  The bar-lounge area offers a completely different dining experience. Here the atmosphere is charged with the electric energy of the city, along with the flow of fabulously decadent cocktails, which makes the ideal place to enjoy a more animated ambiance.

Gabriel Kreuther Interior

Each corner of the restaurant is offering its own unique character; this is reflected in both the design and the menu. Everything has an intriguing contradistinction yet still connected to Gabriel Kreuther’s distinctive essence as a foundation.

The cuisine has a classical French base with many different influences woven in. The menu selection is inspiring and full of opulent choices such as Truffles, Caviar and Foie Gras, an authentic delicacy!  There are two menus to choose from; the ‘ prix fixe ‘ menu or Chef’s Tasting Carte Blanche format at the Dining Room and ’a la carte’ at the lounge area, it all depends on which ambiance you are in the mood for.

Siberian Osetra Caviar

Followed the recommendation of attentive personnel; we started with Siberian Osetra Caviar perfectly paired with a glass of Andre Jacquart Champagne.

A delicate intermezzo inspired from Chef Gabriel’s Kreuther recent trip to Japan was presented, looking like pieces of art, which then converted into a delightful journey in our palate. The Foie Gras was a heavenly experience, soft and light while melting in your mouth it makes you close your eyes leaving you few seconds in a state of dream.

Pistachio Crusted Foie Gras

Most of the dishes are ‘classic recipes’ with a contemporary twist, largely inspired by the Executive Chef’s passion of travel. I was eager to taste Kreuther’s famous Sturgeon and Sauerkraut Tart. This divine dish arrived flawlessly presented in a glass cloche, almost too delightful to eat, until the infused with apple wood smoke takes over your senses, making it irresistible to taste.

The restaurant is well known for its signature desserts, pastry selections and handmade chocolates. Right next door, world class Pastry Chef Marc Aumont has created an enticing, somewhat whimsical menu, almost certain to provoke curiosity. The perfect way to round off a magnificent evening is with the Chocolate Caramel mixed media crumble with chocolate mousse and caramel ice cream Lambent, or the Mandarin Milk Chocolate peanut butter crunch that comes with mandarin gelée and milk chocolate crème.

Apple Dessert

At Gabriel Kreuther, you are guaranteed to experience an authentic fine dining, luxurious and hedonistic experience.
Photography Courtesy: Becca