Coriander Leaf Grill | Where Fusion Meets Perfection

Coriander Leaf Grill exemplifies the beauty of simplicity while showcasing fusion cuisines

Coriander leaves are a mainstay in many Asian dishes, enriching the dish with its bold flavors without overwhelming the senses. The juxtaposition of the bold flavors of coriander and the subtlety of its role in perfecting a dish is beautifully translated in the essence of Coriander Leaf Grill

Coriander Leaf Grill

A strong believer of simple ingredients to create dishes that pack a punch, Coriander Leaf Grill is the newest addition to The Coriander Leaf Group, who has come a long way with its flagship Coriander Leaf restaurant now located at Chijmes. Located in Ann Siang Hill, the heritage shophouse building it resides in pays homage to the conventional shophouses prevalent in historic Singapore in the midst of burgeoning skylines, keeping us grounded in terms of history, tradition and flavour that comes along with it.

Stepping into the building exists a manifestation (and perfect harmony) of East and West. Inspired by 100 year-old Peranakan tiles, its tile motif design is incorporated into the metal grilles on the walls at the restaurant bar. Overlooking Coriander Leaf Grill‘s alfresco balcony is the skyline of Chinatown, one’s of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks – perfect for a romantic dinner along one of Singapore’s most happening districts. 

Coriander is the running theme, from the starters to the mains

The beauty of simplicity is not only portrayed in the restaurant decor, but also in its food. True to its name, what ties the menu together, from its starters to its mains, is the running theme of coriander. The plates are artfully plated and thoughtfully garnished, with every dish in the menu telling a different story narrated by Chef de Cuisine Iskandar Latiff from his numerous travels around Asia. Similar to Singapore’s cosmopolitan culture, Coriander Leaf Grill embraces fusion food at its finest, incorporating Asian flavours in its derived concepts.

Chef Iskander is also focused on creating original, rich flavours through their house made condiments and sauces – from refreshing tomato chutney, to the sriracha sauce and Bengal mustard that goes perfectly with grilled dishes. Culinary Director Chef Samia Ahad and Chef de Cuisine Iskandar Latiff helm the kitchen where the charcoal grill takes centre stage, serving up inviting, unpretentious dishes infused with Asian flavours that suit any craving, round the clock. Coriander Leaf Grill‘s bespoke wine pairing options adds another dimension; where the wine recommendations put forward will adeptly complement the dining options selected.

End your perfect experience in Coriander Leaf Grill with warm chocolate cake, salted caramel and burnt marshmallow

Warm service and attention to detail is at the heart of ensuring that diners enjoy the entire experience – from stepping into the restaurant right down to the last bite of their meal. Coriander Leaf Grill exemplifies the beauty of simplicity while showcasing fusion cuisines – the perfect venue for a luxurious afternoon in Singapore.