P.S. Kitchen New York | Conscious Dining In Style

It’s an absolute must to start an introduction to P.S. Kitchen plant-based restaurant with their concept: “All profits are donated to charity”. It is a satisfying feeling to dine knowing that you are also participating in something good, especially in such a fancy and business thriving city like New York.

P.S. Kitchen ‘Ready or Not’ | Photography by Michael Tulipan

Light grey and beige colors and overall earthy tones combined with some distressed white washed brick in the interior preset your mood for a pleasant plant- based dinner. Yet those bright neon touches throughout the place remind you of the big city lights and with phrases like “Ready or Not” or “For the thrill of it”, one can also take it as bold statements for a change either direction: the choices you make in your food or the feedback you provide to your community.

Lively smiles from the host and the bar invite you to the restaurant as you enter. The bar area is spacious enough and welcomes you to have a bite along with your choice of beverage here. Absolutely loved the variety of drinks that range from wines and beers to cocktails and mocktails. Particularly the cocktails that carry out the plant based theme and include items like quinoa vodka, assam, tarragon, turmeric, lemon thyme and many more. The assortments of herbs made me want to come back and taste a few of those refreshments.

The ambiance of the first level is very vibrant, super easy going and has a faster pace feel, whereas upstairs is a little quieter and as you proceed it lures you into a romantic mode. If you want to get a little more intimate, there are a few tables upstairs available by the window adding a charming touch to a dining experience.

Now let us delve into the pleasures of plants and beyond.

As we were seated we were offered water with a mint in it, which I thought was a lovely touch. One of our starters, Carrots Au Four was glazed, whole roasted, sautéed and spiced. Who would have thought that you can make such a tasteful and eye pleasing color creation out of carrots, yet one may find it on a bit of a spicy side. I personally love to have some sweet and spicy touches in my appetizers and main courses and that purple carrot mousse definitely delivered it.

Crispy Artichokes | Photography by Michael Tulipan

Our second appetizer choice was Crispy Artichoke, which was crispy enough to be dipped into a lemon emulsion. Encore to another pleasantly executed presentation and color combination.

I bow to Maitake Bao with a perfect touch of glazed mushroom, radish and pickled onion, another choice from small plates menu. Even though it is served in a bite size with a side of kimchi garnish, the fluffy bun and “meaty” texture work their magic on filling you up.

Maitake Bao  | Photography by Michael Tulipan

In Large Plates selection I must say that Spaghetti with tomato sauce, capers and basil is always a safe choice; however, if you do want to spice it up you may want to go for Buffalo Hen of the Woods. Brilliant mind trick making you think you are getting a “Buffalo-style chicken wings” while eating a mushroom instead. Nicely presented and served with German sweet potato salad and house blue cheese, this is a favorite dish of one of the co-owners, who grew up in Buffalo, located in Upstate NY, which is where the “Buffalo-style chicken wings” originated.

And if you would like to add another dish with meat flavors, Stuffed Piquillos in a paprikash sauce with russet potatoes are a perfect fit and a delicious main course. Born in Eastern Europe, where stuffed peppers are quite popular I was super excited to try it and was very pleased.

Not ready for these flavors of different parts of the world? Try Orzo Alfredo with broccoli puree and sun-dried tomato-chili paste. Simply perfect, rich and well balanced course. Our small plates we paired up with a sparkling wine and for our large plates we were recommended a glass of Malbec that tangoed very well with our selections.

Now to everyone’s favorite part, the sweets.

Touch of a Recioto with biscotti and double espresso ice-cream or as the menu writes Cookie Plate with Affogato sufficed our taste buds very well. Beautiful and colorful dish presentations, diverse and tasteful flavors of the food, awesome and friendly service and staff, pleasant decor and the fact that all the proceeds contribute towards something great, it’s a must visit conscious venue!

Orzo Alfredo | Photography Courtesy P.S. Kitchen

At last, conveniently located in a Theater District P.S. Kitchen makes it easier to stop by for a pre-theater dinner or drinks, just make sure to reserve a spot.