The Black Swan | Gatsby Glamour At Its Finest

The Black Swan combines sophistication with culinary artistry – truly a treat for the senses

Partying like Gatsby has never been easier at The Black Swan in cosmopolitan Singapore – among the whisperings, champagne and the stars. Winner of Singapore Tatler’s Best New Restaurant 2014, Weekender’s Foodmania Awards 2017 and others to boot, get ready for a luxurious party experience unlike any other.

Stunning dining venue at The Black Swan

The inspiration behind the name is an interesting one – ‘The Black Swan’ refers to a financial term describing an unexpected event almost impossible to predict. Indeed, among towering skyscrapers and business-centric activities, The Black Swan is a strikingly pleasant anomaly, its goal being to inject fresh glamour and life back into the otherwise more listless district.

Stepping into The Black Swan is an experience in itself. Born from a love of the 1930’s art deco, the curved walls, high ceilings and grand mezzanine floor overlooking the main hall brings its guests back to its former glorious past. Its venue is a charming landmark built in the 1930s, formerly the Kwangtung Provincial Bank Building, which has been beautifully restored to its original grandeur with timeless decor, intricately conceptualised by Takenouchi Webb. Its dramatic setting features the use of geometric patterns, deep alluring colours and luxurious wood panelling with exquisite marble inlay. A quote from The Great Gatsby poignantly framed overhead is a timely reminder for patrons to drink and enjoy what life has to offer.

Sophisticated dinner spread at The Black Swan

Delight your tastebuds with The Black Swan’s specially selected starters and mains inspired by modern European classics. A personal favourite was the Aomori Ribeye, an atypical cut that packs a punch with its beefy and umami flavour. For that extra kick, top your steak off with bone marrow – you’ll be right up in heaven. Choose from a special selection of knives that The Black Swan’s sommelier has specially sourced from all across the globe to enhance your steak experience, each of them with intricately carved handles for that extra touch of luxury.

A swanky establishment like The Black Swan continues to surprise its patrons with its creatively conceptualised cocktail menu, featuring innovative drink names such as ‘Powder My Nose’, a concoction of salted caramel vodka, apple juice, passion fruit and mint – a sweet and lighter pairing with the heavier steak mains.

A modern take on Cookies & Cream

To end off the hedonistic evening, indulge in a modern twist on the classic Cookies & Cream, with white chocolate ganache sandwiched between dark chocolate shortbread and accompanied with a Baileys spiked milkshake – we simply cannot get enough of this sinful yet delectable goodness.

The Black Swan invites you into a whole new world with the finer things in life, and so much more – indeed a rare treat for the hedonistic soul.