OUT EAST New York | Trip To The Coast

Out East, chic Long Island coastal inspired restaurant situated in East Village of New York City, brings the beach house vibe and fresh seafood taste to you.

Upon entering and being seated at their pink banquette, you instantly feel as if you’ve been transported out east of the city for the night. No matter where you are seated, every corner is its own little unique niche, yet each spot doesn’t lose itself from the rest of the spaces and the overall design of the restaurant. The use of vintage style wallpaper and bright colors, definitely add that little pop to the space. But what brings light to the place, literally, is the massive skylight. You will feel as if you are sitting outdoors, with the sunlight shining through into the atrium formed and unwrapped by the stairs to their lower level.

Oysters, Shrimp Cocktail, Lobster

Whether you are there flooded with the last bits of daylight or covered with the dark night sky, you will find it extremely cozy and it will surely make your dining experience pleasurable and enjoyable.

Starting off with some oysters, east or west, it will definitely give you a slight taste of the sea that Out East is set out to offer. Kusshi, west coast oysters from British Columbia, did just that. Despite their small shell and size, each slurp guarantees to occupy your palate with an ultra clean and fresh flavor. The spicy shrimp tempura is prepared with absolutely fresh shrimps, something you can determine right after biting through the crunchy exterior. The crunch does not overshadow its firmness and texture. The black sesame sprinkled atop, the amount of lime you decide to squeeze on, or the amount of aioli you plan to dip in, it will not cover the absolute sweetness of the shrimps.

Chili Aioli, Sesame, Lime

The lobster mac n’ cheese, served with large lobster bits scattered across a small pan, taste like the lobster has packed and brought the whole sea to you. The mac and cheese is for sure creamy and cheesy, however, the faint dash of lemon juice along with the fresh sweetness of the lobster balance every bite perfectly. This dish will also leave you wanting more after each spoon, even after your last spoonful!

The halibut was paired with smoked manila clams, marble potatoes and a clam chowder coating on top, while the salmon was placed on top of rice with mushroom and decorated with a red wine reduction. The salmon was pan fried to perfection, giving the exterior skin a slight crunch, but leaving a soft and juicy interior texture. All the salmon oil seeps into every grain of the rice below so that each spoon of rice, accompanied by mushrooms, is soaked with flavors of delicious salmon.

Wild Rice, Wild Mushrooms, Red Wine

The dessert menu might be a bit far from being lengthy, but what they do offer definitely hit the spot. The S’mores Tartlets, torched marshmallow on tarts, and The Pearls of Out East, seashell shaped macarons, are both aesthetically pleasing and very tasty.

There is an extensive list of wines, so there will certainly be an appropriate match for whatever dishes you order throughout your culinary experience. Their unique and refreshing cocktails are just as outstanding, like the Pink Pooch and Untitled in Green. The Pink Pooch is a bit tangy from the strong punch of the grapefruit that hits you right when you sip it but quickly follows by a very natural sweetness. The cucumber and mint in the Untitled in Green make the drink extremely refreshing, light and easy to sip on.

Whether you are here for dinner or for drinks (two bars, one on each level), your experience will not be like any you’ve had in New York City, it will surely be one of Out East.


Photography By: SARAH BOISJOLI