Bollinger At Shuko New York | Pairing With Perfection

The Bollinger champagne house has created impressively outstanding champagnes with varying characters that distinguish them by elegance and complexity. The amount of meticulous detail put into crafting the wide range in the palate of aromas for all their amazing champagnes sets their brand apart, on a path of perfection and nothing short of excellence. With unique characteristics and the constant strive to achieve beyond perfection, it only makes sense to put in the equivalence in time to select and organize the right champagne to have at certain times of the day, to have at different meals, and to pair with the right cuisine and food. It is perfectly curated at the Champagne Bollinger Event pairing with the omakase course dinner at Shuko.

Bollinger Rosé

Champagne Bollinger Rosé en Magnum is at its best pairing with Japanese cuisine but also perfect for a pre-dinner drink or served with a fruity dessert. As an aperitif, it is just right and it presents an attractive quality. It is no surprise that it was served to guests upon arrival at Shuko before the dinner started. It would’ve been just as good of a match for the dessert, which was a Concord grape sorbet with a hint of lime.

“La Grande Année will contribute to the success of your business lunches and dinners. A sign of impeccable taste, it highlights the discernment and experience of the person who has chosen it. This is the champagne to seal deals.”

Shuko New York

The Champagne Bollinger La Grande Année 2007, a blend of the 2007 vintage, is also capable of sealing flavors. After every bite of the nori cracker dipped in the whipped tofu and ikura, the creaminess of the whipped tofu and the saltiness of the ikura stay on your taste buds in your mouth. With every sip of champagne that follows each bite, it seals the flavors in a way that it lightens the heavy flavors, thus leading to each succeeding bite of the appetizer. With the shishito peppers topped with bonito flakes and sesame seeds, the taste of each ingredient is quite strong and can make the flavors go all over the place on your palate. The champagne enwraps it all and summarizes the appetizer into one unique flavor. The highlight would have to be the tsukune, a Japanese chicken meatball and foie skewer drizzled with a plum sauce. The honey flavors and smooth chalky texture complemented the chicken and the texture of the foie, whereas the slight hint of candied lemon notes and bitterness balanced out the rich creaminess of the foie. The refreshing finish to the champagne prolongs the overall taste and will definitely make you want to keep eating the chicken foie. Only truly extraordinary years and high quality harvests become a vintage at Bollinger and for Bollinger Vintage, it became Grande Année and “La” Grande Année  in 1996 and 1997, prospectively. In 1999, it even made its screen débuts in James Bond’s Casino Royale!

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Bollinger Rosé 2006 is the very first limited edition vintage that is exclusively dedicated to a rosé at Champagne Bollinger. With a blend of 72% Pinot Noir, 28% Chardonnay, it comes in a brilliant salmon-pink color with subtle aromas. It possesses a fullness that strengthens the density of the wine, mature aromas, fruit jellies and honey. Its smoothness and summer berry aromas work extremely well with dishes featuring mushrooms, pulses, fish in sauce or fine white meats. Rosé champagne is also a wonderful partner for ethnic cuisine, especially for Bollinger rosé, with a rich and slightly spicy character, it goes superbly well with Asian and Japanese flavors, particularly sushi. It only makes sense to pair the Rosé 2006 with the chef’s sushi course choice. At first try, it tasted like a dessert wine. After a sip, it leaves a great deal of length on your palate, along with fresh notes of blood orange and mandarin peel. It brought out the sweetness of the fish in many of the nigiri pieces throughout the sushi course, most notably in the uni piece.

Champagne Bollinger R.D. 2002, Bollinger R.D. is like your best friend, someone who has always been part of your life. It will enhance all gourmet cuisine but its aura is such that it creates a special occasion on its own. Like a full-bodied attack, powerful but well-balanced, with persistent flavor and a mineral finish with touches of lemon revealing a pleasing bitterness.

Just like how a Toro handroll is usually part of the end of the sushi course. The usual Toro taste after the last bite of the handroll is usually enough to last until the dessert. With the Champagne Bollinger R.D., it abruptly shortens that flavor and leaves you with an amazing finish to your palate for the course, hence the pleasing bitterness.

Bollinger R.D. 2002

Time is an important factor to its amazing taste, and has worked its magical wonders on this wine in the same way, rendering it sophisticated, elegant and unique. Madame Bollinger was the driving force behind the highly original Bollinger R.D. cuvée. It is funny that time is important to its amazing taste, but its aging potential is endless due to the fact that its exceptional freshness can appreciated when enjoyed right away after its recent disgorging process or after it matures a bit further.

The potential it holds only makes the daring Bollinger R.D., James Bond’s favorite champagne.

For dessert, the Granite, a Concord grape and lime sorbet, was paired perfectly with the Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée. To the nose, it held a complex yet beautifully structured aroma with hints of ripe fruits like apples and peaches. Taste wise, it was a subtle combination of brioche and pear with some fresh walnut. It all complemented extremely well with the slight tang from the sorbet, not overshadowing each other at all.

With the powerful, sophisticated and complex yet unique styles and qualities of each champagne and wines, it makes absolute sense for each to have their own perfect match; a partner that will complement and bring out the best in each other. This not only makes the food memorable, it also does the same with the champagne. Forgetting things is an option but forgetting Champagne Bollinger wines shouldn’t be.

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You might forget many things, but Champagne Bollinger is quite simply unforgettable. These are just a few hints, to take or to leave. For after all, it comes down to a matter of taste. |