Aracari | 5-day trekking adventure to Chachapoyas

Located at the junction between the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes and the Coast, Chachapoyas is an undiscovered corner of Peru filled with archaeological treasures left from ancient civilisations

Beautiful Chachapoyas in northern Peru.

As the area just become more accessible thanks to a new flight flying directly from Lima to Jaen airport, specialist Peruvian tour operator Aracari is launching a new 5-day adventure through Chachapoyas, hiking through luscious vegetation and mountainous terrain in search of ancient wonders such as Kuelap – a hugely impressive pre-Incan fortress and the largest ancient stone structure in South America – with the option to hop on its new cable car – as well as Karajia with its eight vast Chachapoyan mummy sarcophagi, and the secluded Ravash, to see the collection of tombs set into the ledges of limestone cliffs, all accompanied by highly knowledgeable guides.

Explore ancient wonders and immerse yourself in the beautiful views in Chachapoyas with Acari.

The trip also incorporates a visit to the Leymebamba Museum which houses more than 200 mummies and recovered in 1997 from the Laguna de los Cóndores, where guests of Aracari will be treated to an exclusive tour of the museum’s temperature-controlled room housing the mummies which is not normally opened to the public. In addition, the trip incorporates visits to the staggering Gocta Waterfall where Aracari can arrange for a luxury pitstop in one of the small wooden huts along the way for champagne and gourmet snacks, as well as the Yumbilla Falls, hardly known even to Peruvians with a scenic trail winding behind cascading waterfalls and over makeshift tree trunk bridges.

Gocta Falls, Chachapoyas, Northern Peru

Accommodation will be at the eco-friendly boutique Gocta Natura Cabins, home to five charming cabins and a host of community initiatives for guests to get involved in, and Kentitambo Lodge, whose owner is heavily involved in the archaeological and environmental conservation of the surrounding area and with whom Aracari’s founder has bought an area of reserve for conservation purposes. As such, Aracari guests can round off their trip with a beautiful hour-long horseback ride from the lodge to the reserve to see the environmental initiatives in place – an Aracari exclusive.