Park Hyatt New York | Experience Through Collective Connections Of Memories

The fondest memories are made when…

Entering through the grandiose and welcoming entrance of Park Hyatt New York on 57th Street, one opens up, exposed immediately to the ultimate hedonistic experience, to the creations of new memories and remembrances of the past. Presenting its elegant and contemporary glamour aesthetics at the ground lobby, the Park Hyatt aims to present more than just a traditional hotel environment, successfully creating a high-end residential ambiance to make guests feel at home.

Entrance Avenue Gallery

Home is where memories are made and stored…

The alternative entrance, located on 58th Street, unveils a majestic corridor – Avenue Gallery that seems deceptively endless due to the reflection of the marble and the repetition of architectural elements integrated in a classical manner. This kind of quality visually creates an infinite walkway welcoming guests to fill up the space with their own thoughts and stories while they pleasantly promenade through it. Surprisingly, the view completely alters as guests walk through. Other than the immaculate use of luxurious materials, art also contributes to the overall atmosphere.

The hotel frequently hosts special exhibitions featuring acclaimed artists. The previous one is called Source: Nature curated by Erica Samuels, pairing Monique Péan’s one-of-a-kind jewelry designer with selected pieces of contemporary artists such as Richard Serra, Michael Heizer and Vija Celmins, showcased in vitrines within the walls of the gallery. The Monique Péan collection brings attention to the positive environmental and social change through highlighting her unique use of rare sustainable materials. For certain pieces, it is apparent that Péan worked around the shapes and geometries of the stones without changing its initial form. Guests can take notice of the amount of background history each piece holds and the connections between each paired artwork, whether they’re placed in the same vitrine display or facing opposite of each other.

The current exhibition, Source: Color, featuring artworks from female artists displayed in the fifteen vitrines, highlights how each artist uses color in their pieces to evoke certain energy or emotions. Certain colors might pull out unique thoughts, ideas and memories from within each guest walking by. The colors also go hand in hand with the qualities of the space, definitely making it an eye capturing experience.

The Avenue Gallery acts as a stimulus and can be activated when guests create their own perception about the objects and art. The use of artwork can trigger topics and narratives whether they are old or new ones.

“The collaborative curation of art and objects will become a space for storytelling, inspiration and possibility, offering a distinctly experiential opportunity wherein artworks activate an urban space.”

Spa Lounge

Every corner of the hotel could possibly be a desirable spot for a sculpture, painting, or any form of art. Similar to a museum, the use of art livens up the space, generating interactions, visually, mentally and verbally with and between all visitors.

Walking through the hotel, one realizes the reoccurring theme and connections between design and art. It keeps guests thinking about the visual relationship with the overall motif, subconsciously drawing the spaces of the hotel and linking them to each guest’s unique conceptions.

On the 25th floor, there is a breathtaking three-story aerie that features a steam room, hydrotherapy hot tub, private changing rooms and indoor swimming pool. The subtle sound of music in the pool puts guests into a relaxing mood that allows them to reconnect with themselves.


After enjoying a swim in the pool and listening to music piped in via underwater speakers from the neighboring Carnegie Hall, it’s the perfect moment to indulge in a fine dining experience that the hotel offers.

The Park Hyatt hosts Bevy, the American restaurant located on the third floor of the hotel beyond The Living Room that got its name from Random International’s “Swarm Study XI”, a light sculpture placed right above the bar. Comprised of 20,000 independently thinking nodes that translate natural collective behavior into moving light, it definitely captures one’s attention upon entering the space. It is mesmerizing, very powerful and exciting in how it finds a way to build a bridge between technology, the natural world and human body.

[easy-image-collage id=19103]

“Symbolizes the essence of New York, in the chaos and excitement of all the movements and trajectories that people take moving through the city, the cars, the people walking,

and all it takes is for somebody to spend a little bit of time looking at it and following it and thinking about why it’s there,

it creates meaning, in this piece, by virtue of it being so elegant, and so surprising in the small movements of each of the individual lights.

That makes people think and remember their experience.”

The restaurant, being intrinsically connected to the idea and essence of the light sculpture, presents itself in a similar manner. Passionate Master Chefs, dedicated personnel and many others all work together to create and offer the best fine dining experience for all guests. Just like the light sculpture with each node working differently yet connected, the dishes on the menu do so too. They have been prepared and presented, encompassing their own history and memories, by the very own Executive Chef of Bevy, Sebastien Archambault.

The Long Island Oysters

Either from snippets of his grandmother’s recipes or from memory of how it is being served and eaten, Sebastien creates each dish filled with love and childhood memories of Southern France. The Long Island Oysters with mignonette pearls on ice, served with fennel sausage over grilled bread is a special combination and contrast of hot and cold, how it is traditionally consumed from where he originated. A cold sweet oyster followed by a warm bite of the salted sausage over grilled bread creates just the right balance. The Smoked Mangalitsa Pork Collar with mustard and turnips was absolutely delicious, with a smoky taste to every bite of the tender pork. Chef Sebastien explained that it was a flavor very close to heart and that he remembers clearly how his grandmother prepared it as a child.

The Smoked Mangalitsa Pork Collar

Through food he shares his stories and experiences and incorporates his own techniques and love into it; he revitalizes his memories in the form of food to present to guests and customers. Not only to share that with everyone, but also with the intent to help guests extract memories and to maybe recall certain foods and recipes that they might have enjoyed when they were younger.

It all becomes a collaborative movement and collective behavior, like that of the light sculpture. You take a moment to reason and understand, it’s not just lights going on and off, but it’s actually an object moving. Like walking through the Park Hyatt New York, it is not just what one sees but what it is able to trigger within oneself to create new memories and unique events.

Bevy Entrance

Park Hyatt New York not only offers the best of everything but it is also capable of bringing awareness to all of one’s senses, tapping into one’s deepest core, and positively layering a new set of impressions atop, thus creating a whole new extraordinary experience. From the entrances, to their design, to their relaxation spaces, to the art, and to the cuisine they offer, everything works to have guests spend a bit of time to think about it and how it affects them in what they say, think or do.  When all guests collectively and “collaboratively” do that, the hotel becomes something more; it becomes a home full of diverse memories.

As one walks through the same corridor and doors to leave the hotel, one’s collection of thoughts and occurrences is stored safely here and the story continues when one returns. At the same time, someone else might be walking in to embark on a distinct self-designed experience that will enrich the memories that the hotel already holds.

Many new experiences await, but old memories are stored here, waiting to be awakened and continued…

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