Discover THE GREEN ROOM | Soho House Barcelona

Last week a Soho House in Barcelona inaugurated its secret club within a club: speakeasy called The Green Room. To fully understand the concept of this private club you need to transport yourself into the infamous 20s of New York or England.  Watch “Boardwalk Empire” or “Peaky Blinders” for inspiration, because this is how this club makes you feel the moment you open its doors.

It’s a square room counting five tables only in Art Deco style with leather and velvet mixed in organic fusion, wooden paneling, hugging the whole room, going up to the mid wall; a delicate green is present in various detailing – a wall paper pattern, the leather chairs – bring the elegance to the next level by juxtaposing it with the checkered black and white tiled floor.

The lighting of the room has enough brightness to see around the room, yet dim in its essence to bring an intimate vibe to the place. The Green Room bar is a separate topic which needs a special attention as it separates itself from already scarce “crowd” into even more secret domain. There are seven chairs of dark purple velvet standing proudly against the ivory leather upholstered bar (you read right – leather!). This is without a doubt my place of choice to pass an evening, listening to the sounds of Blues, or if you happened to be on Friday, you’d enjoy a life band playing Jazz to befit the ambiance of the club.

What one drinks there?

The cocktails, of course! Green leather-bound menu at your hand the moment you place yourself at the bar. Every cocktail is named by the movie “The Good Fellas”, “Lost in Translation”, “Blow” – it is quite exciting if you are a movie lover, which of course you are! But you can stray a little and have some wicked Gin&Tonic or Pisco Sour, the latter will put you into your best element in no time.

It’s a private club, so people don’t just happen to be there – they made it their business to be there! That only, already, makes it special. You feel like you belong to a Gang of sorts, an ultimate exclusiveness elevates the sensation of luxury where the hedonist in you has its moment.

Photography Courtesy Soho House Barcelona