Diamondogs | Timeless, Glamorous And Feminine Essentials

With its new Collection Fall Winter I, Diamondogs presents essential, timeless pieces that enhance the elegance and beauty of its wearer

Diamondogs is a consciously timeless luxury brand by Pascale Habis. It offers a carefully edited garde-robe of glamorous and feminine essentials to be worn on endless occasions, gathering stories and memories along the way.

Sleek and chic, with a flattering waistline, Tilda is a V-neck dress with a high stiff collar and statement cuffs, all of which embrace an empowering nature.

Diamondogs celebrates the modern day woman of substance, individuality, and sophistication. The incentive of Diamondogs is to consume less and choose well. The pieces presented are meant to trigger a woman’s imagination, and are tastefully open to interpretation.

With it’s elegantly flowing long silk veil which knots in the back, Nuits Blanches is a bare back halter top which emits instant glamour.

The Diamondogs woman is mysterious, elegant, and unapologetically feminine. Inspirations derive from grand historical personalities, whether it be from the past or present.

With glamorous sheer movement and a smooth-running collar, L’Ivresse is a sensual pure silk crepe Georgette blouse celebrating liberty.

The approach of Diamondogs is to counter the consumerism frenzy in the fashion industry, by concentrating on items that will travel through time.

Garbo is a pair of wide legged pants with slits in the back, that sway as you walk and reveal the legs in a very subtle manner.

Each collection ranges from clothing, handbags, jewelry, stationery, and other lifestyle items. Collections are launched twice a year and are available online.

With its strong geometric form and intriguing simplicity, La Chamade is a pure leather bag advocating sophistication.

Collection Fall Winter I is now available on Diamondogs’ online shop.