Meet Me At The Campbell New York

Seemingly to the manifestation of the Italian Renaissance, The Campbell reinvents itself honoring and keeping alive the legacy of John W. Campbell, a Jazz Age financier who originally converted the space to his private office and reception hall in 1923.

The Campbell Palm Court

Located in Grand Central Terminal – one of the world’s most impressive architectural achievements, The Campbell is thoughtfully restored to its original grandeur by the Gerber Group and is certainly one of the most beautiful bars  in New York City.

Now, the ‘meet at the clock’ at Grand Central is the new ‘meet me at The Campbell’- offering three unique experiences in three different environments. From Vanderbilt Avenue you pass by The Campbell Terrace, an outdoor covered veranda; The Campbell Palm Court, an indoors oasis surrounded by palm trees and The Campbell Bar, all three complete with an elevated full bar menu perfectly paired with small bites delicatessen.

On a Wednesday evening at 7pm, to enter this historic place, there was already a line, a testimonial of its great popularity.  We were nicely greeted and escorted by a charming hostess to our table for two in a seating area adjacent to the grand fireplace.

The Campbell Bar

As you enter the space, despite the vibrant energy inside, you take a moment for yourself to look around and undeniably notice the magnificence of this iconic establishment. The interior is captivating with its 25 foot high ceilings creating a grid of wood beams with hand painted elements, huge windows reminisces of the ones at Grand Central’s main hall and a huge fireplace showcasing Campbell’s original safe. The ‘fleur-de-lis’ symbol used by many European monarchies as a sign of status, is everywhere around the space as it would be in a members- only private club or visiting a Florentine palace. The aforementioned attention to details décor allows your imagination to expand. It may give you the feeling of having been transported in a time machine that brought you back to an earlier century or like a Hollywood star being on a movie set of a film playing in another era. All this, combined with a high technology sound system and special lighting effects, renders a perfect blend of modern and tradition.

The Campbell Florentine Palace Interior

After being welcomed with a refreshing glass of Veuve Cliquot Champagne, we were tempted to try two Campbell’s signature cocktails, the Penecillin, made with glenmorangie scotch, Ardbeg 10- year scotch, fresh lemon juice and ginger liqueur, which was potent and the Aviator, both amazing.  But these are not the only “modern cocktail” choices at the Campbell Bar, so make sure to check out other interesting mixes such as Holding On To Summer, which is made up of Belvedere Vodka, the world’s first luxury vodka, and finished with fresh squeezed lemonade and cucumber.  There is also a more classic selection such as The John Campbell’s Martini, a combination of Stoli elit vodka, Carpano dry vermouth and Castelvetrano, a region in Sicily, olives, Italy’s omnipresent snack olive.

Aviator Cocktail

Wine lovers can enjoy the wonderful wine by the glass selection featuring Pinot Noir, Napa, Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain, Malbec from Argentina, Syrah from Washington, and two Napa choices of Cabernet Sauvignon, on the red wine menu. White wine choices are Pinot Grigio and Vermentino from Italy, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and Chardonnay from California.

The food menu is not your regular entrée dinner portion, but for someone like me who prefers small bites to large portions, it is ideal, especially when the choices are as enticing as served at The Campbell. While I can always go for mini Lobster Rolls, and the ones at The Campbell were succulent, indeed, my absolute favorites were the Grilled Cheese Bites presented with aged Gruyere and smoked Mozzarella on sourdough bread. These tasty bites were a great and hearty offset to the various alcoholic beverages we sampled. The Butcher’s Block, a charcuterie with pickled vegetables and baguette was another favorite.

Cheese Board

The Campbell  is definitely not your typical railroad station bar where commuters check in for a quick drink before embarking on their trains. You will love to make time while experiencing this classy and elegant bar; as otherwise, you would certainly miss out on the “Great Gatsby” like atmosphere that makes this place so captivating.

Photography Courtesy The Campbell New York