Bayswater Kitchen | A Fresh Catch To Thrill Your Taste Buds

Drawing inspiration from its seafront location, Bayswater Kitchen serves up delectable dishes that celebrate the beauty of the sea

Escape from hectic city life at Bayswater Kitchen, a seafront dining experience. Unwind with family and friends by calming blue waters at Keppel Bay, Singapore, as you thrill your tastebuds with the freshest seasonal catches.

Get ready for good vibes, great views and phenomenal seafood at Bayswater Kitchen.

The newest addition to The Privé Group, Bayswater kitchen brings the group back to its roots at Keppel Bay, marking its 10th anniversary and its first foray into seafood. With its motto of “good vibes and fresh seafood”, Bayswater Kitchen serves up a holistic nautical experience with a modern seafood-centric menu that highlights the beauty of the surrounding sea.

Unwind in the nautical-themed interior of Bayswater Kitchen.

Located mere minutes away from Singapore’s Central Business District, Bayswater Kitchen provides guests with the perfect escape; stepping into the restaurant feels like embarking on a seaside getaway. Cerulean and navy hues mirror the depth of ocean waves and enhance the restaurant’s laid-back vibe, while natural textures in its furniture and decor give it a tropical flair reminiscent of vacations. The restaurant’s open-design concept also overlooks the Marina and the majestic waters of the South China Sea. Guests can dine indoors amidst live fish and lobster tanks, try the freshest catch at the raw seafood bar, unwind al fresco in the calming sea breeze, and even enjoy a tipple at the boat-inspired bar.

Enjoy the freshest catch at Bayswater Kitchen’s raw seafood bar.

Helmed by Chef Jack Allibone, Bayswater Kitchen’s seafood-centric menu focuses on creating simple yet uplifting dishes that enhance each ingredient inherent structure and flavour profile. Every dish is well-balanced with different textures and flavours, but Chef Allibone ensures that seafood always remains the hero of the dish and other ingredients play a complementing role. The Fisherman’s Feast, one of Bayswater Kitchen’s signatures, is a great example– it features an abundance of fresh seafood which rich flavours soak into homemade linguine. The result is delectable, unpretentious dishes that deliver mouthfuls of taste – a luxury for your palate.

Fisherman’s Feast, one of Bayswater Kitchen’s signature dishes.

The dishes at Bayswater Kitchen also have a distinct European inspiration, drawing on Chef Allibone’s personal heritage and experience. His beer-battered cod Fish and Chips features an iconic British dish that is creatively deconstructed and reimagined. Its deep-fried exterior gives a satisfying crunch, but the tender cod falls apart in your mouth, delivering light, clean flavours without too much grease. Guests can choose to indulge solo with dishes like the Wild Lemon Sole with White Clams or order a seafood feast to share with the Chef’s Seafood Platter.

Beer-Battered Cod Fish & Chips, a reimagined elevation of a British classic.

Beyond the exquisite array of seafood, luxury at Bayswater Kitchen also lies in its warm hospitality to each and every guest. With Bayswater’s dedication to “good vibes” only, every guest is made to feel special with personalised services from handwritten reservation table notes, to surprising guests with birthday notes, sparklers and greetings. Chef Allibone himself even greets each table to serve up some of the dishes.

Chef Jack Allibone serves up an indulgent Whole Grilled Lobster.

Top off your seafaring retreat with entertainment for everyone, as Bayswater Kitchen’s private “recreation room” comes equipped with a foosball table and a custom-made ping pong table. If you can’t get enough of the sea, you can even take a piece of Bayswater home. Guests can opt for a take-home bag of Lobster shell and herbs along with a secret recipe for a Bayswater-style lobster bisque.

Dine with beautiful views of the South China Sea at Bayswater Kitchen.

With great views, good vibes and delectable dishes that will reel you in, Bayswater Kitchen presents a holistic nautical experience – the perfect luxurious getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.