Huîtres Amélie | Dive Into An Exquisite Oceanic Experience

Close your eyes and dive into an exquisite oceanic experience while savoring the best oysters in the world

Huîtres Amélie is synonym of excellence. Excellence in offering only the best variety of oysters while receiving an outstandingly kind service. This is what you will experience by visiting their pop-up bar located within the gastronomic area of El Corte Inglés in Plaça de Catalunya, in Barcelona. In this gastronomic corner, oyster lovers are immersed into the world of Huîtres Amélie guided and served by professionals specialized in this exquisite marine product.

When you are offered one of the best type of oysters in the world, you can only expect to live a remarkable  culinary experience around it. Imagine yourself with a glass of champagne while delighting a succession of uniquely presented oysters, all with their own peculiarities in texture and flavor. This experience has a name and it is called Amélie Sensations.

With this varied selection of oyster tasting you are immersed into the universe of Huîtres Amelie, the brand specializing in the production and trade of “Fine de Claire” and “Special Fine de Claire” oysters, produced in the French Atlantic Coast and distributed under the protected CO Marennes Olerón.

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Guided by passionate professionals throughout the tasting, you are invited to delight three succulent oysters which are combined with other ingredients and presented using very singular techniques such as “Gelée de Champagne” or “Amélie Fumée”. The latter, applies smoke formed with chestnut wood, the same wood which is used to storage the oyster upon its departure from the French atlantic coast.

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Another technique which deserves its own recognition is “Amelie Vaporisée”, where the oyster is steamed in an exclusive essence created with the “Dashi”. Similarly, to the process of creating a perfume, this wonderful millenary Japanese gadget is used at Huîtres Amélie to intensify the “umami”  -the 5th flavor- by steaming the oysters in different types of liqueurs such as gin, sake, whisky or vodka.

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Whether connoisseur or beginner, Huîtres Amélie will leave your senses pleased alike with their first-class “Fine de Claire” and “Special Fine de Claire”. In the same range of quality, the “maison d’huîtres” -which is rapidly gaining recognition-, offers a selected diversity of culinary proposals to complete the meal. Bluefin tuna tartar, salted foie gras or a selection of “fromage français” are among the options -not to forget a space for dessert.  An assortment of French artisanal delicacies to close up with this superior gastronomic experience.