Issaya Siamese Club | A Medley Of Thai Flavors

Issaya Siamese Club, with its colonial heritage and classic Thai cuisine injected with Western presentation, excites the senses and leaves us wanting more

As Bangkok as a destination rises through the ranks of luxury, the old seems to be making way for spanking new skyscrapers in The Land of Smiles – but not for Issaya Siamese Club. Sitting at an impressive 19th position on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list for 2016, this uniquely authentic hideaway is more than just fancy cuisine with a hefty price tag. The restaurant’s name ‘Issaya’ is derived from rainy season which signifies abundance, paying homage to the prosperous yield where their ingredients are derived. A colonial building with a century of history lies tucked away from the popular tourist haunts, it is artfully conceptualised by internationally renowned Chef Ian Kittichai. 

The interior of Issaya Siamese Club

With 15 restaurants, 4 in New York and 10 in Bangkok, and a cooking studio under his belt, Issaya Siamese Club is perhaps the crowning glory of all of Chef Ian’s restaurant ventures. The restaurant takes delight in modernising classic Thai dishes through deep understanding of cooking processes and techniques, delivering on freshness, flavor and wonder to his guests. Taking the traditional street food of Thailand and reconstructing them into elegantly plated dishes without losing authenticity – It is this dedication to Thai tradition that saw the chef be awarded a prize by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for being the first Asia Geographical Indication Ambassador.

Upon reaching Issaya Siamese Club, a tropical garden with aromatic Thai herbs beckons, which Chef Kittichai uses in his dishes in Issaya – a pioneer farm-to-table dining concept in Thailand which incorporates purity and freshness. The restaurant comes decked with an outdoor terrace, a perfect way to kick back on a cool evening. Stepping into the interior is a completely refreshing experience in itself. Accompanied with various hues of blue, the restaurant houses several antiques from China and Thailand, with a wall of colorful mosaic tiles lining the bar and flowers native to Thailand which add a sense of vitality and life.

Blue Swimmer Crab Salad

The artful presentation of the dishes using ingredients only of the highest of quality completes the experience in Issaya Siamese Club. For those who love the freshness of the sea, the Blue Swimmer Crab salad is perfect for a refreshing appetiser, with the accompaniment of the citrusy taste of pomelo and salmon caviar for the umami kick right at the end. For those who are more inclined towards your steaks and meats, the Veal Cheek ‘A La Presse‘,with its speciality curry paste made in-house for a more authentic flavor, consists of an innovative preparation concept which culminates in a softer bite and heartier taste.

Veal Cheek ‘A La Presse’

Issaya Siamese Club is one of the few restaurants in Bangkok that truly exemplifies classic luxury with a twist in Asia. With its colonial heritage and classic Thai cuisine injected with Western presentation, it excites our senses and leaves us wanting even more.