Claudie Pierlot | Evening Glory

Become a “Belle de Nuit”– a Beauty of the Night– with Claudie Pierlot’s Evening Glory capsule collection

Claudie Pierlot completely reinvents the all-black look to celebrate the heat of the night, stirring up its simple elegance with a bronzed yellow to borrow from the light or we set off the silhouette with 90’s street and graphic accessories. The bi-color palette and the play on materials and ruffles set the tone: the night is ours…

Claudie Pierlot’s RANKA dress.

“La nuit je mens. Effrontément.”
“At night I lie. Boldly.”

Bashung’s words resonate to recount the passion. The intoxication of the party. A grand display.

Apply some eyeshadow. Play with black. Be a woman. More beautiful at night.

Claudie Pierlot’s VIRGINIE jacket over BOBIN blouse.

At the evening’s twilight, lace, satin and grosgrain ribbons show their soft side. The silhouette has fun with fashion codes: asymmetry, femininity, and volumes.

Claudie Pierlot’s FAUVE coat with PIMENT pants and ALIENOR shoes.

A touch of saffron or a bejeweled strap adds sparkle to your look. Velvet brushes lightly against fur.

Claudie Pierlot’s REGINA dress.

Because your wardrobe precedes the party, Claudie Pierlot launches its evening selection. A capsule in black for those all-nighters.