Maje | Never Sleeping Beauty

Embrace romantic chic with Maje’s reinterpretations of the 1980s’ iconic evening looks

Inspired by the late 1980s, Maje’s new capsule collection reinterprets some of this era’s iconic evening looks.

Romantic, chic and uniquely-styled short and long dresses, an ultra-slim little black dress with tasteful jeweled details, a long-sleeved glitter short playsuit that dazzles in the night, and cigarette trousers paired with a short ‘dinner jacket’ for that perfectly tailored look.

Bare or transparent legs contrasted with tulle, colorful embroidery and sequins to illuminate intense blacks.

A sensual, quirky yet resolutely urban wardrobe: pair a tee-shirt or sweatshirt with a large sequinned bomber jacket to reflect the mood of the evening.

Graphic lines contrasted with flashes of red, gold and silver. A constellation of embroidery and playful festive symbols— shooting stars, hearts, red lipstick and freworks—like the indispensable little evening bag, a red or gold heart just for you…