Javier Colorado | Traveling Beyond Adventure

Javier Colorado Soriano defines himself as a “normal” human being who just wants to be happy and turn his dreams into reality

The Start Of A Journey Of A Lifetime

Javier started determining the person he is today when he was only 20 years old. At this age, he dreamed of traveling around the world. Even just the idea of getting out there to discover, learn, experience and facing the challenge of doing it with the bike as his only travel companion, was enough to make him happy. Following his gut, seven years later, he undertook the adventure of his lifetime. This seven-year period allowed him to carefully prepare the journey while completing his studies in Chemical Engineering.

Learning Universal Values

When courage surpasses the barriers of irrational fears, life just opens into endless possibilities. Such courage has allowed Javier to travel throughout many countries learning universal life lessons that sometimes we easily forget. With determination, persistence and just a few resources, we can get very far in life. Everything is possible – declares Javier. One of the most beautiful lessons he has learned is that hospitality is an international value that does not encompass a specific culture or religion. Javier recalls the words of an Ecuadorian family that invited him to join over a meal: We have gone through dark times and now that we are slightly more prosperous, we want to share with others what we have. Good hearts are in all of us by nature, without exception. Only a poor education and strong beliefs lead us to heartless actions.

A Chain Of Favors

“Many kilometers ago”, Javier realized that the slogan that he had chosen for his adventure “Alone around the world” did not work anymore. Alone? I’ve never been so supported in my life. Whether it was for the people who were thousands of miles away or the people that I was coming across on the road, there has always been someone who has helped me to live this dream, he says. Indulged in this warmth, he decided that he had to continue the chain of favors, leading him to write “La Anécdota 101”- a digital book that collects a hundred anecdotes of his journey around the world. For every 350 books sold, an African girl can fulfill her dream of going to college. 100% of the funds collected through sales are given to “The South Face”, an NGO that that subsidizes university scholarships for African women; who, as agents of social change, look for ways to suppress the social injustices that afflict their population. They undertake the task of building a better future in Africa for generations to come.

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The Journey Goes On

A true adventurer is never satiated, there is always something to do – and the beautiful planet that we live in offers endless options to challenge unto the most unknown within us. With this spirit, and an aim to continue supporting “The South Face”, a few months ago Javier decided to embark on a new journey, this time on board of a self-made wooden canoe cruising the Amazon and carrying a 200 year old Glenfiddich whisky Barrel, to be auctioned at the end of the trip. While it’s easy to fall into the thought that he is subsisting with few resources, he has all that he needs. In fact, weaning off these materialistic pleasures allowed him to establish a deep connection with the natural environment. We all depend on nature, but nature does not depend on us. If every human being on Earth disappears tomorrow, life would continue, but if all plants disappeared, the life of the planet would arrive to its end–he declares.

Give And Receive

But how can someone who built his canoe with wood talk about saving the planet? Contrary to what it seems, Javier has returned doubly to nature what he has taken from Her. At the beginning of the trip he spent two weeks with a Quechua community at the border of Yasuní National Park. There, they had to cut down a tree to make a canoe, but before doing so, they replenished the resources they were going to use by planting several more in the same area: a conscious way to understand how much we depend on nature and the need replace what we take from her.

“Without Fear There Is No Adventure”

Javier, who has turned from a passionate adventurer to a professional adventurer with the support of his sponsors, believes that adventure it is not possible without the existence of fear: Fear is part of life and there are two ways of approaching it.

“As an impassable wall between us and our dreams, goals and objectives, or as a key. You just have to stop saying, ‘I cannot do it’ and start asking, ‘how can I do it?’ And that’s when fear approaches its more practical meaning: ‘Preparation.’ The more we fear something the more we prepare for it, so when the day to turn an idea into a reality arrives, we can say to ourselves ‘I am ready’.”