VLV Singapore | Discover Modern Oriental Grandeur

Paying homage to its setting of a once-traditional Chinese mansion, VLV Singapore infuses history, culture, and soul into Chinese cuisine by marrying tradition with modernity

Enter a world of oriental luxury with VLV Singapore, a perfect blend of heritage and modernity. With fresh, unique ingredients and modern techniques, VLV Singapore serves up creative re-interpretations of classic Chinese dishes.

Set in a once traditional home to a Southern-Chinese gambier trader in a conserved historical district, VLV embodies a perfect blend of heritage and modernity.

Housed in the oldest historic conservation mansion along the iconic Singapore River, VLV Singapore pays homage to the culture and heritage of its venue with a modern twist. With a unique name that was coined to encompass the multi-concept nature of the brand and that guests could give their own meaning to, VLV aims to provide bespoke luxury dining and nightlife experiences for each and every guest.

Situated in Clarke Quay, a hallmark of Singapore’s culinary and nightlife scene at the fringe of the Central Business District, VLV embodies both the heritage of the conserved historical district as well as its growth and transition. Set in a once traditional home to a Southern-Chinese gambier trader, VLV exudes a timeless opulence with its regal architecture. Enter via the Courtyard, a quaint alfresco lounge area surrounded by lush tropical greenery inspired by traditional Chinese gardens. Make your way through the Club Lounge on the first floor, a majestic four-pointed pavilion that transforms into party central after dark with VLV’s state-of-the-art sound system, stage lighting and a lineup of award-winning DJs. Ascend to the Restaurant on the second floor and enter a lavish food paradise where classic meets contemporary. Traditional architecture is restored with a modern twist as geometric Chinese motifs blend with minimalistic lines and textures. Sleek marbled surfaces reflect a refined sophistication as plush seating provide for a luxuriously comfortable dining experience.

Pan Seared Lobster with Fried Bacon Yuzu Noodle.

The fusion of tradition and modernity is not only embodied in VLV’s architecture but also artfully served on its plates. Helmed by Executive Chef Martin Foo, VLV aims to create authentic Cantonese flavors inspired by tradition but designed for the modern diner. Start your meal with a Dim Sum Symphony, a colorful medley of unique flavors and textures. Indulge in your own serving of Pan-seared Scallop Yuzu Noodle– crispy golden scallop medallions on a bed of Japanese Yuzu noodles, bacon, and mushrooms– or have a plate of Charcoal Tofu to share– savory tofu cooked in charcoal powder and served with soybean sauce, mushrooms and vegetables. The charcoal powder gives the tofu a distinctive black hue as well as a subtle smokiness that enhances its natural flavor. Top off your night with decadent desserts such as VLV’s Cold “Or Nee” served with Gingko Nuts, Pumpkin and Coconut Ice-cream, a healthier take on the classic Chinese yam paste dessert that does not include lard, or Black Sesame Balls filled with delicious salted egg yolk custard.

VLV’s “Or Nee”– a twist on the traditional yam paste dessert served cold with Gingko Nuts, Pumpkin and Coconut Ice-cream.

With modern cooking techniques and fresh specialty ingredients, VLV reimagines Chinese classics. For instance the signature VLV Peking Duck is Chef Foo’s clever reinterpretation of an iconic Chinese dish. Choosing only 48 day-old ducklings for the best flavor and texture, the ducklings are slow-roasted to perfection. The crispy skin is then served with classic pairings such as spring onion and cucumber, as well as more Western additions such as avocado and Romaine lettuce. Crispy bean curd skin is added for more crunch, and guests can choose to have the Peking duck with either the traditional house-made Goma Hoisin sauce, or an alternative Truffle Foie Gras sauce that pairs equally well.

VLV Peking Duck, served with a house-made Goma Hoisin sauce or Truffle Foie Gras sauce.

Beyond the indulgent food and warm ambiance, luxury at VLV also lies in the team’s commitment to making every experience tailored to your needs and truly unforgettable. With guests’ tastes becoming increasingly cosmopolitan, Chef Foo and his culinary team frequently go out of their way to create bespoke experiences specifically catered to guests’ preferences. With the culinary team embracing the challenge of constant innovation, regular guests can enjoy specially-created meals with off-menu items if requested upon registration. To make celebratory events even more special, VLV’s culinary team frequently craft surprises to go with your meal, such as customised Chinese calligraphy of congratulatory phrases personally handwritten by Chef Foo and incorporated into the artful plating of VLV’s Black Sesame Balls.

With a restaurant, club, and lounge all under one roof, VLV Singapore captures the totality of a day-to-night experience in bustling Clarke Quay and aims to be your destination of choice for culinary marvels and entertainment after dark. Taking inspiration from heritage and tradition, VLV elevates classic dishes to new heights with its own unique flair, presenting modern oriental grandeur as the best of both worlds.