Sasha Bar | The Exquisite Pairing

Discover luxury in a perfect pairing at Sasha Bar.

When it comes to discovering the perfect match between food and drink, the options are endless. Of course, finding the right balance requires talent, skills and the ability to be beyond creative. The matter is to be able to play the visual, with the relationship between aromas and flavors, offering the client a great experience.

The context in which this experience happens is not any less important. Leonid Chechelnitskiy – a young Catalan entrepreneur who embraces his Russian roots – has had all his young life to learn that. Ever since Leo was five years old, he has been involved in the hospitality business, at the “tapas bar” that his parents opened next to Gaudi’s iconic Sagrada Familia. Today, he shares his passion for gastronomy and people at Sasha Bar 1968 (Carrer de Margarit, 18 Barcelona). This is where all elements are combined to create memorable experiences for the guests.

The exquisite pairing as suggested:

“A luscious explosion of flavors in your palate”

Fresh salmon marinated in the style of my grandmother with sweet mustard vinaigrette
& Dolce Sasha

Unique, exotic and memorable are the words that Leonid uses to describe this excellent combination of “tapa fria” and cocktail. Not in vain, the marinated salmon is the new version of a plate that Leo’s “babushka” (grandma in Russian) used to elaborate at home in his childhood. Since then, delighted by the singularity of its flavors, Leo has continued the heritage of the dish; together with Sasha’s cook, he created a new version of the marinated salmon by adding a special and flavorful vinaigrette.

Dolce Sasha.

Vodka – The drink par excellence of the Russian tsars – is the base of this excellent cocktail. The ingredients are a mixture of cherry liqueur, passion fruit, vanilla and a touch of cava. This blend of sweet and dry flavors is paired to perfection with the texture of salmon and the essence of sweet mustard.

The exquisite moment to enjoy such experience as suggested:

As our motto says we don’t remember days, but moments. So we believe every gourmet experience should be enjoyed at the right moment with the right person. For us, the perfect moment to enjoy the marinated salmon & Dolce Sasha pairing is at night tea, right before dinner, always accompanied by a good friend or loved one – Leo adds.
Photography by Cristal Saints