The Other Room | The Secret Behind Closed Doors

Everyone has secrets, what’s yours?

A delectable collection of sprits at The Other Room

The Other Room is Singapore’s best kept secret – in terms of speak easy bars of course! Nestled in the prime of Singapore at the Singapore Marriott Hotel, drop by The Other Room for the perfect harmony of intimacy, fun and excellent cocktail drinks all under one roof.

A cosy and intimate speak easy bar nestled at the heart of Singapore’s shopping district

Many would have heard of The Other Room, but only a handful would be able to locate the premise with no help at all. The Other Room is situated at the corner of Singapore Marriott Hotel . Even I had to ask the helpful hotel staff on where exactly it was! As I was standing in front of the inconspicuous door, I still had doubts on what could this bar possibly bring to the table – especially after visiting so many fun and innovative bars in Singapore and around the world.

Fun quotes scribbled on walls and tables of The Other Room as such

The Other Room turned out to be nothing like what you would expect but was everything I didn’t know I enjoyed at a bar. Welcome drinks, an expresso concoction, was served in a dropper style which was a refreshing experience! The ambience of The Other Room was quirky and fun yet not too loud and rowdy – perfect for a round of drinks to kickstart a night out with friends and loved ones.

Dario Knox, master bar tender at The Other Room

Helmed by Multi-Award-Winning and Master Bartender of The Other Room, Dario Knox, pushes the boundaries of creativity to a whole new level with the cocktails served. Dario uses the bar as his playground to experiment with a new technique of in-house cask finished & spice finished spirits, together with a stunning range of extremely curated products that you are sure to enjoy.

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The ‘era inspired’ drinks, to the beautiful illustrations on the menu and the final presentation of the cocktail drinks served at The Other Room will surely be a brand new speakeasy experience you have ever come across! We’ll tell you what our top picks are at The Hedonist but we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. What you see is what you get so go ahead and make your choices based on the illustrations of drinks on the menu. If you prefer something that is more suited to your taste buds, be sure to ask for a recommendation as well!

The Other Bar also serve delicious bar snacks and even a couple of main courses to satisfy your hunger pangs. The Reuben Sandwich was a thumbs up from us at The Hedonist! Good news ladies, a complimentary oyster will be served with every bubbly cocktail, and a platter oysters with every bottle of Champagne.