Smoke & Mirrors Singapore | An Elegant Concoction of Mirage And Magic

Aptly located on the rooftop of one of Singapore’s premier art galleries, Smoke & Mirrors pushes the limits of bartending to provide you with the perfect start to nightlife in Singapore.

As the night falls, enter a world of mirage and magic with Smoke & Mirrors Singapore. With its vision of being the primary destination bar in Singapore, Smoke & Mirrors serves up a multi-sensory experience based on complex flavors, artful presentations, and optical illusions.

Perched on the rooftop of the National Gallery Singapore, the world’s largest display of modern Southeast Asian art, Smoke & Mirrors draws inspiration from its artistic venue to provide guests with a uniquely enigmatic nightlife experience. Just as its name suggests, Smoke & Mirrors aims to jazz up your night with the magic of its signature cocktails while you enjoy spectacular panoramic views over Marina Bay.

The stunning sculptural bar of Smoke & Mirrors.

Make your way to the top of the museum for one more work of art– Smoke & Mirrors’ stunning sculptural bar. With a gleaming mirror-like finish, the bar plays off reflections of its surroundings to give the illusion of invisibility while anchoring the space for a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. Dine indoors amidst luxurious wood and rich copper tones with brass accents illuminated by warm lighting, or lounge alfresco by the glass balcony for an uninterrupted, breathtaking view of the city skyline. Mysterious yet inviting, Smoke & Mirrors embodies stylish contemporary luxury with its magnetic intimacy.

Dine by panoramic views of Marina Bay at Smoke & Mirrors.

Just as art is often open to interpretation, Smoke & Mirrors aims to dazzle guests with The Playful Eye menu – an experience that engages all the senses with more than meets the eye. Refusing to go for the simple or the obvious, Head Bartender Yugnes Susela and his team use chef-inspired techniques to artfully challenge perceptions with an intricate play on names, presentation and flavours. The bar’s signature and eponymous cocktail, the Smoke & Mirrors, was in fact inspired by Yugnes’ favourite restaurant– the two-Michelin starred Mugaritz in Spain. With tequila as the base spirit, the Smoke & Mirrors provides a complex depth of flavour as a spirit-forward cocktail with spiced notes and hints of French herbs. Embodying the enigmatic charm of magic and illusions, the cocktail’s garnish takes the form of an edible garden consisting of deceptive “rocks” made of dehydrated apple and cardamom, as well as different textures of ‘soil’, made of raw pistachios and cocoa powder.

The elegant eponymous cocktail, the Smoke & Mirrors.

Despite an all-Singaporean team, Smoke & Mirrors has a global focus and inspiration. The team dedicates themselves to constant innovation with regular creative sessions and bartending visits to other bars around the world. The cocktail M.C – N.L (My Creation – No Limit) is a literal representation of the team’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Comprising of cacao-infused vodka, sweet vermouth, pineapple juice, coconut nectar and Pu’er tea, the decadent cocktail is creatively served in a chemical flask carefully planted in edible soil. The cocktail’s crowning glory is an Cinnamon Basil garnish supplied by the bar’s urban farming partner Edible Garden City, a complementary touch to the cocktail’s chocolate notes that symbolises the fruition and growth of the team’s creative endeavours.

M.C – N.L (My Creation – No Limit).

Each item on The Playful Eye also inspired by the team’s experiences, surroundings and travels. For instance, Kurokawa pays clear homage to Japan in both name and design. Named “Black River” in Japanese, this cocktail embodies the umami flavour, and is the perfect option for those who prefer something light and refreshing. Vodka is infused with fragrant rausu kombu that produces a deep, intense flavour, which is then shaken with gomasio and house-made ponzu tincture for acidity. The micro tomatoes and sea grape garnishes are specially flown in from Japan, where the burst of tartness amplifies the drink’s citrusy notes. Similarly, God’s Own was inspired by the importance of the coconut fruit in the cultures of Kerala, India, and thus incorporates freshly grated coconuts into junmai sake for a lengthening taste. The hint of coconut pairs well with the cocktail’s innovative garnish– a slice of potato, carefully cooked to a precise density and texture, and further flavoured with pistachio and lemon zest.

Enjoy a multi-sensory experience with The Playful Eye menu at Smoke & Mirrors.

With imaginative cocktails unlike any other, Smoke & Mirrors adds its own unique magic to drinks after dark; it elevates each guests’ cocktail experience by bringing the three senses of taste, sight, and touch into every sip. An enigmatic concoction of art, design and taste, Smoke & Mirrors is truly a definitive nightlife experience to remember. With so much to offer, you’ll be coming back for more.