Sala Rim Naam Bangkok | A Regal Rendition of Classic Thai Cuisine

Take in the sights, sounds and smells as you embark on a luxuriously authentic riverside experience at Sala Rim Naam

The river is where the magic happens. Chao Phraya River, one of the most famous rivers in Bangkok and the country’s star attraction, is an emerging luxury destination for locals and expatriates who are looking for a riverfront experience unlike any other. Chao Phraya River houses many luxury establishments from luxury hotels such as Mandarin Oriental, upscale shopping such as Asiatique The Riverfront, and countless luxuriously authentic dining experiences – and one for the books has to be Sala Rim Naam.

Owned by Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, one of the finest luxury hospitality chains worldwide, Sala Rim Naam boasts of regally authentic Thai experience for its guests who steps through its doors to be wowed by its sights, sounds and smells. Luxury is abound in Sala Rim Naam, starting from a majestic boat ride across the quaint riverside to reach our destination – embrace the cool air and exciting sights of Bangkok’s ever evolving skyline. As you reach the opposite side of the river, Sala Rim Naam awaits to take you on a journey of cultural gastronomy of epic proportion.

Enjoy an authentic Thai royal performance at Sala Rim Naam

Stepping into Sala Rim Naamhoused in a richly decorated pavilion built in the traditional northern Thai Style, the modernity of the surroundings is pleasantly juxtaposed with the regally classic Thai influences – from the oriental furniture to Thai classical dance performance, it is no wonder it has long been renowned as one of the best venues in Bangkok to enjoy authentic royal Thai cuisine in an upscale setting, right by the river bay. With seating for up to 170 guests, Sala Rim Naam is both spacious and comfortable with indoor and alfresco dining available, and beautiful views of the magnificent Chao Phraya River are not to be missed of course.

The popular lunch buffet at Sala Rim Naam features luxury food carts at all serving stations, in a nod to Bangkok’s celebrated heritage as one of the world’s premier street-food destinations. The lunch buffet features both classic Thai favorites and modern reinterpretations of traditional Thai flavors.

Guests can also enjoy a gourmet set dinner menu accompanied by the region’s most spectacular Thai cultural performance and dance show nightly, a cultural spectacle like no other. A classic Tom Yaam Goong dish stepped up a notch is a must try at the restaurant, with river prawn essence that packs a punch along with flavorful additions of lemongrass, kaffir lime and straw mushrooms. The baked sea bass infused with traditionally Thai herbs is also not to be missed – the flakiness of the fish with the strong 

Tom Yaam Goong dish

Executive chef of Sala Rim Naam, Prasert Sussadeewong, comments that the best Thai Cuisine in the world can be found right here – and we don’t need much convincing otherwise. Thrilled to introduce a new generation of food-lovers to classic Thai dishes as well as modern interpretations of old favorites at Sala Rim Naam, his cooking style is said to be “striving towards the creation of authentic Thai tastes while being flexible with [introducing new] ingredients”.

Executive Chef of Sala Rim Naam

Bangkok is the destination to watch when it comes to luxury dining and more. If you are looking for the perfect combination of modern cuisine with classic influences to complement your pampering evening in the Land of Smiles, look no further than Sala Rim Naam, right across the river bay.