Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate | The Michelangelo Of Chocolate

The unique destination where tradition meets surprise and decadence.

Tucked in New York City’s iconic Grace Building resides a magical place full of beauty and grandeur. The scenic Bryant Park is complemented with an inviting smell of rich chocolate that beckons you to take a peek into its pristine display windows. That is where Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate’s pastry artists are in the process of making magic.

Gabriel Kreuther’s world-class Pastry Chef Marc Aumont and his team have created a dynamic menu of freshly made chocolates and pastries – inspired by everything magical, from the changing seasons of New York to classic American flavor combinations, such as decadent key lime and graham crackerbrûlée. The chocolates, beautifully created in their signature and well-loved fashion, are presented in fresh cocoa pods to serve up that extra side of artistry.

For Marc Aumont, the art of pastry-making is a lifestyle that involves relentless work while remaining a sense of artful curiosity. Rooted in dedication to teamwork, his crew is empowered to push boundaries with ideas and inspired to always stay curious, surrounding themselves with professionals that share the same passion.

Inspiration comes from everywhere – most creations for Marc come from stories which bring soul to the chocolate. Like a true artist, he brings his inspirations to life by first projecting his ideas onto a sketch, then shaping a 3D chocolate mold before finally experimenting with different spices and techniques to best suit his chocolate creation. Taking care of all these elements and conceptualizing each step is important in the process of creating the perfect chocolate bonbon.

The Kreuther collection makes up one cohesive menu while still keeping each piece whimsical with its own distinct mood. A little bonbon can have a myriad of flavors being experienced by the second – with the sweet sensation of decadent chocolate followed by the punch of spice it is mixed with, before finally leaving a smooth and buttery sensation on your palate.

“Honey saffron has the most sentiment for me – it pays homage to my mother. She is from Castilla de la Mancha where saffron is harvested, and I made this chocolate with her in mind. The saffron has a very earthy flavor, and we wanted to lighten the chocolate, and we added honey which is more airy, so we balanced the chocolate in this way. Texturally, it’s very simple, so simple that it becomes complicated. The flavors need to be clear enough for you to feel the earthiness of the saffron and air from the honey that you cannot hide behind any texture.”
– Marc Aumont

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate – a truly sophisticated and awe-inspiring gem that beckons the senses to celebrate the beauty of chocolate.