Europa Café Barcelona | Restaurant, Bagel Shop And More…

     Europa Café Barcelona, Restaurant, Bagel Shop

Everyone likes Bagels. Everyone! And whoever says the opposite is lying. Even if you don’t eat bread for whatever reasons, you would still want to eat a bagel in Europa Café in Barcelona. Why? Because it’s a bagel paradise! But hold your breath, the place goes further than that. Located on Diagonal – the main venue of Barcelona, it has become a hot spot for pretty much every occasion.

Breakfast: what to expect?

Bagels – the main specialty of the place. Bagels with cream cheese, salmon, fried egg and pickles is a perfect choice for anyone who likes to start the day with the square meal to last until lunch time. There are also bagels with an omelette or Spanish ham (Iberico).  It is truly an ultimate bagel place. Other options include: croissants, brownies, classical pound cakes… but if you want to stick to bagel as a base you can have it with the jam! At last you can wash it all down with a selection of freshly made smoothies.

 Let’s settle on the terrace for lunch.

Providing Barcelona’s mild climate even in winter, there is always an open terrace avail able to enjoy a morning coffee, midday snack, or an early aperitive under the city lights, watching people passing by. The terrace occupies a large space and can be easily spotted from afar for its solid dark wood tables and chairs with white cushions. There are not many terraces of this kind in Barcelona. It has a special elegance to it, as much glamour as nonchalance. It feels comfortable. Every table can place up to six people but even if you happen to sit alone, you’d still be cozy, more than that, you´d feel like you can spend half of the day on the soft white cushion under the white roof with light bulbs. It fills you with Christmas-like mood out of the blue.

You, definitely, can have a nice warm bagel for lunch filled with veal and salad. But there are plenty other options like typical Spanish tapas, brioches and Burgers served with sweet potatoes and mini salads. “We’d like to have a Lobster with cocktail sauce brioche, please…. and don’t forget the wine!”

Dinner is all about an ambiance.

An aperitive is a must. A nice cocktail infused with some exotic fruit will make for a good start of the evening.  The atmosphere inside the place reminds me of the movies from the 50s. The bar is a place to spend some moment before the dinner, but you would surely want to sit at a table to fully enjoy the layout of the place. It is extravagant and quite bright. The most peculiar thing about this place it’s its shape – it doesn’t expand into your typical room with tables and chairs, it’s rather like a long corridor. There are dark wooden tables with pale green upholstered chairs aligned on one side by the window and on the opposite side is a long sofa that stretches throughout the whole wall divided by tables.  It makes for quite a chilled and friendly ambiance, as if a large group of friends are enjoying an evening, from the look of it.

In the end of the “corridor” there is a short stairwell which leads to the second level and places about six tables only. It feels more intimate here. It’s perfect for the family celebrations, romantic dinners or for a quiet dinner by yourself.

You cannot miss on a Salmon Raw Bar which is served on a three-tiered tray (a nod to the afternoon tea tradition) with the different dishes on each – tartar with avocado, smoked tataki with the cauliflower purée and carpaccio on the top level.

On leaving Europa Café : “A couple of take away bagels please”.