Labyrinth Singapore | The Lion City Reimagined

Lose yourself in a multitude of complex flavours as Labyrinth takes you on a culinary journey through Singapore with artful reinterpretations of iconic local favourites.

How does one define “Singapore cuisine”? A melting pot of different cultures, food in the Southeast Asian city-state is not merely “Chinese”, “Malay”, “Indian” or “Eurasian”, but often draws influence from all the diverse cultures of its people. With its menu of neo-Singaporean cuisine, Labyrinth uses food to breathe life into the Singapore story, defining Singaporean cuisine on its own terms while pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation.

Embark on an adventurous culinary adventure at Labyrinth Singapore.

Located in the Esplanade Mall, right in the bustling heart of the Lion City, Labyrinth fuses heritage with modernity. Deep earth tones are paired with minimalist surfaces, while painted scenes of Singapore adorn the walls, illuminated by the restaurant’s warm ambiance. Red and white accents are peppered throughout the restaurant, while orchids bloom from sleek glass vases. This is Labyrinth at its essence- sophisticated while unapologetically Singaporean.

Featuring minimalist modern furnishings with motifs and paintings inspired by the Lion City, Labyrinth is sleek, sophisticated and unapologetically Singaporean.

With a strong focus on perfection through innovation, Labyrinth takes guests on a gastronomical adventure through sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami, pushing the limits and challenging perceptions. Helmed by Chef-Ownder LG Han, the menu at the one Michelin-starred restaurant is familiar yet inventive– iconic Singaporean dishes are expressed in a new light with different techniques, imaginative presentations and refined yet authentic flavors. Enjoy flavourful Chicken Rice in a dumpling prepared with house-made rice flour using traditional techniques, or a seafood rendition of Bak Chor Mee (minced meat noodles) featuring unique squid meat “noodles” and minced meat made from anchovies and onion powder. Indulge in a rich and creamy Har Cheong Porridge with a deep-fried Tiger Prawn– the epitome of umami. Alternatively, opt for Char Siew Rice– tender slow-braised pork leg and pork paired with “rice” made from barley grains and Rice Krispies stir-fried with bak kwa (Chinese-style dried pork), and finished with pineapple chips, pickled bok choy (Chinese cabbage) and nasturtium leaves.

Seafood “Bak Chor Mee”

Meat-lovers will rejoice with a new look at Beef Satay– choose between the Black Angus Shortrib or the Hokkaido A4 Wagyu Striploin which will be served alongside satay sauce, cucumbers and chopped onions, as well as peanut-covered mochi which represents ketupat (Malay rice dumplings traditionally served with satay). Cleanse your palate with the refreshing “Clam Leaf Snow”, a shaved ice dessert inspired by the Singaporean favorite Ice Kachang and accompanied by grape foam with pomegranate seeds, dragonfruits and diced grapes, as well as light floral notes from infused Rosella flowers. Then, tuck into breakfast turned dessert– the decadently reimagined Kaya Butter Toast with Cristal de Chine Caviar. Each dish at Labyrinth tells a part of the Singapore Story from Chef Han’s eyes, inspired by heritage, culture, and his passion for Singaporean cuisine.

Beef Satay

Beyond just redefining Singapore’s cuisine, Labyrinth also aims to showcase Singaporean produce and how they enhance the authentic flavors of each dish. For instance, the Chilli Crab Ice Cream features the Ah Hua Kelong Flower Crab that is wild-caught in Singapore’s waters. The salinity of the island city’s waters causes the Flower Crab to develop a particular sweetness that provides an added dimension of flavor and pairs well with the Chilli crab sauce ice cream and the crouton-sized deep-fried mantou (Chinese steamed buns). By cultivating a deeper appreciation for Singaporean produce and focusing on the use of traditional-inspired house-made flavorings and sauces, Labyrinth aims to provide guests with a definitive culinary experience that is 100% Singaporean.

Chilli Crab Ice Cream

With its artful take on Singaporean favorites, Labyrinth aims to draw a connection between traditional and modern, culminating in a holistic dining experience that celebrates flavors enhanced by emotion. See the Lion City lovingly reimagined on a plate– it’ll be an exciting gastronomical adventure to remember.
Photography by John Heng