Cowshed Spa Barcelona | Spanish Tradition And Nordic Vibe

If you ever visited Cowshed Spa in London or Berlin, you should not consider it to be a “done business” in terms of experience for Cowshed Spa in Barcelona is a “standout” treasure which will capture your heart and, subsequently, all five senses with its mixture of Spanish tradition and Nordic vibe.

Cowshed Spa in Barcelona is based on a traditional Spanish Pharmacy with indoor pool and four treatment rooms. A unique combination of wood and ceramic in overall décor of the place brings on quite a homely feeling. If you are of Northern origins as myself, you’d probably have a moment of nostalgia – a reminder of sauna and a warm wooden floor will get you back in time. As I relax on the table prepared for a special Cowshed treatment, I cannot help a feeling of complete abandon, as if you are back at your grandmother’s house with your guard off.

Cozy Treatment Room

The session starts with the back massage to get the blood flow going to continue with the face massage and an application of the Cowshed natural beauty range products according to your skin needs. In my case the finishing touch was a Rosemary and Raspberry organic oil that got me instantly “obsessed” with, as the popular expression goes. If you prefer a more natural approach to your beauty routine you would love Cowshed range of products, as the ingredients are taken from the Cowshed farms which are being grown for the specific purpose. It sounds almost “magic” in the world of mass production brands.

Cowshed Manicure/Pedicure Space

Now, we do want to feel and look relaxed and beautiful from inside as well as from outside. Spa is not the hairdressers, but you can get your manicure and pedicure done there. I have no patience for an hour-long procedure so I opt for a “speedy” one, which satisfies me just fine. The selection of the nail polishes offered to me from the household range is large, so I entertain myself with choosing the color while in process. I go for a metallic slate-grey for a winter cool-glam look. I do feel the need for a not so “speedy” pedicure though, as I try not to fall asleep ensconced into the comfortable patterned chair with the glass of Spanish Cava by my side.

Spanish Pharmacy Traditon Decor

You´ve heard this expression “I slept like a baby” haven’t you? I thought it was just an expression. Not anymore.
Photography Courtesy and Copyright Soho House Barcelona