Diva To The Death | An Exhilaratingly Immersive Dinner Theatre Experience

Get ready for exhilarating drama, hilariously witty banter, indulgent dishes and signature Hendrick’s Gin cocktails with Bite Me Productions’ Diva To The Death.

Step into the lavish grandeur of Monti, Fullerton Pavilion’s latest multi-concept lifestyle destination. A typical go-to nightspot for late-night drinks with nightly live jazz performances, get ready for a little more sass and pizzazz as the cool and classy jazz culture goes head to head with the brash and ballsy world of Getai. This is Jonathan Lim’s Diva To The Death at its essence– a one-of-a-kind theatrical supper dining affair presented by Bite Me Productions that takes the form of a sexy comic romp with a Singaporean twist and features a special musical arrangement by award-winning music composer Elaine Chan.

Presented by Bite Me Productions, Diva To The Death is a a one-of-a-kind theatrical supper dining affair that takes the classic comedy form of the raunchy bedroom farce and frames it in a uniquely Singaporean culture clash.

Combining the immersive theatre experience with thrilling site-specific staging, Diva To The Death redefines the “dinner theatre” experience by flinging guests right into the thick of the action as they dine. Taking the classic comedy form of the raunchy bedroom farce and framing it in a uniquely Singaporean culture clash, the show will titillate all locals and fascinate all visitors as the characters take free reign of the elegant venue, presenting guests with an immersive theatrical experience and dynamic musical extravaganza that will suck you right in.

Spend your evening in the elegant Monti at Fullerton Pavilion with Diva To The Death– a thrilling, immersive theatre dining experience.

With the entire restaurant as the stage, treat your taste buds with a luxurious supper menu as you immerse yourself in the show. Start the night off right on Monti’s rooftop with bite-sized canapes such as Tomato Bruschetta, Wagyu Beef Crostini or even the Singapore-inspired Chili Crab Kueh Pie Tee. Sip on the Fizzy Make Me Feel Good– a fruity cocktail combining Hendrick’s Gin with Spiced Pear Syrup, Lemon Juice and Sparkling Wine– as you enjoy the evening breeze as well as panoramic views of Singapore’s skyline and city lights that illuminate the Singapore river.

Enjoy cocktails and canapes on Monti’s rooftop as you watch Act I unfolds.

When the time is right, head down into the lavish grandeur of Monti’s main indoor seating area. As you lounge amidst warm wood tones, plush velvet seating and the art deco-style furnishings, indulge in delectable savory dishes that perfectly blend East and West– the rich and creamy Acquerello Laska Risotto with Curry Leaf, Prawn, Quail Egg and Chervil and the delightfully flavorful Angel Hair Pasta with Shio Kombu, Truffle Caviar Foie Gras and Truffle Chanwanmushi. Cheer the cast on with the Last Kanji cocktail– a Hendrick’s Gin, Umeshu and Luxardo Maraschino blend with Fresh Lime Juice, beautifully garnished with a floating white orchid. Top the night off with delectable sweets such as Kaya Macaron and Gula Melaka Panna Cotta with Chendol and Grass Jelly, inspired by Singaporean favorites and elevated with western culinary techniques.

Salute the cast for their riveting performance with the Last Kanji, a Hendrick’s Gin, Umeshu and Luxardo Maraschino blend with Fresh Lime Juice.

Of course, the real star of the night is the riveting performance of the talented cast. With an intriguing plot and complex characters, Diva To The Death will keep you on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds around you. Watch the two divas fight it out as their worlds collide, regaling you with their musical talents and spicing up the night with smart jokes, witty banter, sneak attacks and tons of drama. Step right into the runaway interactive craziness as you interact with the characters, cheer them on and even decide who gets crowned as the true queen of Monti.

Get ready for a night of musical finesse, smart jokes and witty banter, sneak attacks and tons of drama with Diva To The Death.

Diva To The Death aims to be the alternative to Singapore’s usual weeknight entertainment with its 18-date show run, starting from February 2, 2018, with daily supper shows starting at 9.30pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, let your own diva run wild and party your socks off at the after-show party that transforms Monti into The Hendricks, a 1920s-themed jazz and hip-hop club.

A luxurious fine-dining experience, exhilaratingly immersive theatrical spectacle and musical extravaganza all-in-one, Bite Me Production’s Diva To The Death will leave your hunger satiated and you bent over in stitches as you cheer for an encore. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind supper dining affair because when you’re a diva to the death, it’ll always be a night to remember.