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Emotional, bold and playful, those are the perfect words to describe Antonio Miro´s fall winter 2018 collection. This time Albert Villagrasa, the creative director of the iconic Catalan brand decided to use a subject really far away from the city reality: “Trekking”. Warm colors and delicate shapes where mix in a poetic ode to one of the favorite childhood sports of the designer. More than hiking, the goal of trekking is to reach a destination, where in order to achieve it camping and hiking are combined. 

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Albert Villagrasa gets inspired from what surrounds him, his past, present and future. That´s why on a journey to his hometown he realized no one was doing Trekking the way they used to, “every kid I saw was watching the phone, connecting with the world that wasn’t the one next to him, no with their families and friends, not even with the amazing nature, but with Instagram. This reality still surprises me, that´s why a long time ago I had this idea in my mind; I wanted to bring back the old aesthetic of hiking combined with the feeling of family and nature. This new collection is a way to be grateful for my origins.”

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Corsets and belts carefully hand made in geometric patterns of patch work in leather, wool jackets in tartan prints, gabardines, dresses, velvet pants, and a lot of patchwork details, composed a collection really nostalgic and fun, where they wore boys, girls and kids on the runway smiling all the way through.

The beauty standards for the brand are really down to earth, Ona Carbonell, was the famous face that did her debut on the runway, showing to the audience how natural beauty is taking over the industry. Being honest and real is something Albert always wants to see in the models he chooses for the show; to the designer it´s more important their personality. “I like natural beauty, people that embrace who they are,” says Villagrasa.

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It´s not a secret that Antonio Miro is a fashion brand with really high quality standards and a long trajectory in fashion, but what most of the people don´t realize is that the designer behind that big name was once a kid with big dreams and a lot of determination.

“I am from a small town where the idea of a boy being a fashion designer wasn’t even possible, in that sense my perspective to be where I am seamed to be twice as hard. I had to simply escape from that reality to build what I´m now. Never in my life had I expected to be where I am, to achieve as much as I did in the past years.”

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However, success to Villagrasa is something not only related to work, the designer explains that in order to be truly successful you must find what makes you happy and somebody to share it with. Family and friends for him is the base that allows you to reach professional success.

“To me being a designer is really important, but I learned with time that not only the professional success is the one that matters, if you want to have a good life you must combine both, it´s not worth it if you’re only successful at work, but at the end you have nobody to share it with.”

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The collection that allowed me two years ago to meet this amazing brand was one inspired by the Amish aesthetics: Origins, a collection I remember everybody claimed in the industry. The crow, the previous collection of Trekking followed the success, but to the designer it wasn’t the same, as each one of them was related to moments in his life, to a dear friend that passed away, to all the queens and kings of our social media kingdom, and lately to his childhood origins. Every collection for him is a new beginning, where he explores different aspects of life, the inside, the outside, how we show ourselves, how we behave as individuals in society, the new and the old standards, he shows without judging, as a true artist, the reality in our society.
Photography by Naelia Salas Amner