Rilke Barcelona | Gastronomy, Cocktails And Remarkable Evenings

Rilke is establishing itself as the place where to spend remarkable evenings in Barcelona.

Mysterious and welcoming, traditional and innovative, refined and exuberant. Rilke Barcelona possesses as many antonyms as adjectives to describe it. Yet, in spite of the eclectic character of this new restaurant and cocktail bar, all aspects including space, service and menu, embrace a distinctive proposal bringing clients an outstanding experience within the so varied gastronomic offer in the city of Barcelona.

Opened last October and named after renowned Austrian poet of the early twentieth century Rainer Maria Rilke, this culinary establishment conveys excellence from all the angles. Located within the concurred golden square area of Barcelona, next to the main street for fashion and luxury Passeig de Gracia, you won’t easily find it wandering around the street unless you have previously heard about it. Set in the mezzanine of Mallorca street 275, a beautiful Barcelona regal estate, Rilke invites its guest to spend delectable evenings among velvet.

Cocktail Room At Rilke Barcelona
Cocktail Room At Rilke Barcelona

After ringing the bell and going through the main hall, just as if you were a resident in the building, a friendly member of the staff is awaiting to warmly welcome you. To access the gallery area where the restaurant is, you must pass through the retro-looking cocktail room in which magnificently stands the bar with all its distillates and botanicals. This beautiful space with its colorful skylight, is a true sanctuary to delight your palate with innovative creations conceived by reputed mixologist Juan Serrano. Restaurant and cocktails go hand in hand and before or after dining, cocktail tasting is a must.

"Babel Negroni"
“Babel Negroni”

The menu, mastered by Rafa Peña and Jaume Tejedor brings its exceptionality by sintetizing the essence of traditional Catalan food and transforming it into a more innovative and refined proposal. Among the selection of meals you should not miss “torrija de escalivada, sardinas y sofrito” as an entrée, “escudella de pescado” or “pato asado con sasifí” as a main meal or “flan de azafrán” as a dessert. Food can’t be conceived without the presence of wine, a wide and curated selection that the sommelier suits to your taste and desire. Service is no exception. Whether to find the perfect pairing, let you seduce by the recommendation of the maître Susana Krcivoj, or any other request you may have, a courteous and relaxed service accompanies you throughout the soirée.

"Canelones de faisán"
“Canelones de faisán”
"Escudella de pescado"
“Escudella de pescado”

The overall atmosphere (a mix between the old and the new) is the result of embracing and preserving some decorative details from former and prestigious restaurant Beltxenea and the addition of new elements in the conception of its new design. The experience is enlivened by soft background music and the wonderful views of a garden crowned by a sculpted Venus de Milo. Mysterious and welcoming, traditional and innovative, refined and exuberant, Rilke is establishing itself as the place where to spend remarkable evenings in Barcelona.