The Warehouse Hotel | Luxury In Industrial Minimalism

Unwind and relax at The Warehouse Hotel where hospitality, history and luxury collides.

Your minimalist industrial dream come true, The Warehouse Hotel

Once a literal warehouse that played a poignant role in Singapore’s spice trade when it was built in 1895, before turning into an illegal distillery in the 1970s and finally Singapore’s most renowned disco of the era in the 1980s, The Warehouse Hotel combines Singapore’s rich culture, history and talent with high design and comfort. Your luxury minimalist dream come true with a stylish and enigmatic space reminiscent of the building’s original life as a ‘godown’ during the height of Singapore’s spice trade. The décor and furnishings marry a bygone era with modern-day Singapore, providing an industrial yet welcoming feel.

The Warehouse Hotel – River View Mezzanine features two levels, a reading library, and a view over the Singapore River.

With 6 categories of room spanning across the 37 rooms available at The Warehouse Hotel, each carefully designed and decorated in the building’s original architecture and to exude a homely yet luxurious vibe for guests to relax and enjoy. The Warehouse Hotel also incorporates as many local delights in each room to continue narrating the lesser known but nonetheless exciting Singapore story. For instance, in-room coffee and tea mugs have been commissioned by Mud Rock, a local ceramic studio and bath amenities are provided by Ashley & Co.

Be sure to check out the ‘Minibars of Vice’ for a cheeky surprise! The specially curated minibar aims to showcase Southeast Asian-driven products. Presented in the form of an olden day bird cage, the minibar has three different categories namely gluttony, lust and vanity. It was an exciting and fun experience sieving through the minibar that was unlike any other!

The Warehouse Hotel’s lobby bar

The signature Lobby Bar showcases an in-house cocktail programme featuring house-made alcohol infusions and essences. The Lobby Bar also pays homage to the three distinct eras of the hotel’s past with the quirky cocktails that infuses the characteristics of The Warehouse Hotel’s rich history. For those of you who enjoy a cup of cuppa, try the Kopi Cat, that takes its name from “copy cat”. With flavours of salted caramel, hazel nut, honey, chocolate and a tinge of expresso, coffee lovers will definitely take a liking to this drink. Another intriguing drink is the B.B King for guests who enjoy something sweet to end the night. The B.B King contains banana whiskey, smoked maple syrup and barbecue bitters. With such interesting cocktails, the night is always young at The Warehouse Hotel’s Lobby Bar.

The Warehouse Hotel’s stunning rooftop infinity pool.

Don’t forget to take a dip at the rooftop infinity “fish tank” pool during your stay at The Warehouse Hotel! Here at The Hedonist, we recommend chilling by the pool with a cocktail from The Lobby Bar for the ultimate luxury experience.

For the fun loving, adventurous ones looking for a good time, The Warehouse Hotel is your definite choice.