Bouquet Experience Barcelona | New Concept In Gastronomy

Bouquet Experience is a new concept of gastronomic space, where wine and food form a unique fusion, a marriage of sorts – an inseparable whole.

It’s a multifunctional restaurant, divided into Wine & Cocktail Bar and Restaurant. Imagine a warehouse brought to its utmost style and rustic elegance with the bottles of fine wines spread from the roof up high to the ground. This is what you set your eyes on when entering Bouquet and the lamps suspended from the ceiling would impress anyone who likes the contrast in its most expressiveness. There is a lot of wood in the interior, which makes the place a cozy lair to pass a nice evening over the glass of red wine accompanied by the selection of tapas or cheese platters to match the aroma and origin of wine.

The bar is a place to start with as it will make the right transit from one domain of flavors into another experience of more profound knowledge of wine and food coming together. The goal of the Bouquet is to make the dinner feel as an endless gastronomic experience savoring every dish with the wine in accordance to it. Even though the food is mainly Mediterranean, there is a touch of Asian when it comes to putting a final touch to the decoration of the dish. Zucchini stuffed with smoked eggplant and prawns, with lemon sauce, for instance, though you would never guess by the look of it, because it was transformed into something reminding a slate of jade wrapped in pink ribbon with the flower petals around it – you’ll see the Japanese Garden on your plate, no less.

Bouquet Experience is something you have to make your time for, it’s almost like a special dedication where your full attention is needed. Not in a forced and obligatory manner, of course, it only asks for you to be present at the moment, the Now, because like every magic in life it has a timespan of the moment, and you need to seize it while it lasts. Remember that when you take your first sip of wine, make sure to breathe in the flavor, wash it over your whole mouth, let it linger on your tongue and then you simply disappear into oblivion.
Photography Courtesy Bouquet Experience